Cash Decision-Making Guide

Have you ever looked at the latest VIP gacha and been on the fence about buying Cash for it? Are you wanting to justify a purchase to yourself? Wondering if you should really spin that cute Cash gacha? Well, this is the guide for you. Here you can find out specific things you might want to consider before you end up blowing $50 just to get some items you can’t even wear with anything else you own!

Questions to Ask Yourself
“Do I really like all these items?”
If you only like one or two items in a Cash gacha, it’s probably not worth playing it, especially if it has interior items. Otherwise you might find yourself spending 100 Cash without getting the thing you want. Trust me, I learned this the hard way. TT^TT

“Do I like the accessories as much as the clothes?”
A subset of the first question, but still very important. You are far more likely to get accessories from a gacha than you are to get clothes. That’s a fact. If you go in expecting outfits, hair, or other items right away, prepare to be disappointed a lot.

“How badly do I want this? Am I going to regret not having it?”
As you PLAY more and more, you’re going to start regretting some of your decisions. Maybe it was the chance to get an item you really wanted or play a gacha you loved. Maybe something went wrong with your payment process and you ended up not being able to have enough Cash in time for a Magic Box. Will the item you want right now be like this? Will you look at other people who have it and feel a sharp stab of regret? In that case, it’s probably best to just spend the money to get it if you can. The exception is in the case of action items – don’t ever bank on getting those unless you’re a mega whale. UPDATE: Or unless you’re willing to buy the VIP pack and spend 300 Cash on the monthly Magic Box.

“How well will these items go with the items I have?”
Line Play likes to release a lot of pink, purple, and white Cash gachas, with the occasional black, red, or blue mixed in. As a result, your overall color schemes might end up including those specific colors more often than not. If you suddenly get a yellow item, be prepared to spend ages trying to put together an outfit that will even work with it. And if they ever bring any Gothic Doll gacha back (with the possible exceptions of the black and red ones), avoid it unless you are planning on spinning it enough times to make a complete outfit.

If your answers to these questions are generally positive, it’s probably worth it to buy Cash/spin the gacha in question.

But once you’ve started spinning and spending, how do you know when to stop?

Warning Signs
You keep getting duplicates, especially duplicate furniture.
When you start getting four duplicates in a row, it’s probably a sign you should stop playing that gacha. Be happy with what you got from it in the first place.

You don’t exactly know how, but suddenly a huge chunk of your Cash is gone and you’ve only played one gacha.
Stop. Now. Do NOT keep spending Cash on this gacha, because you’ll only dig yourself deeper into a pit of regret. Go try some other gachas and see if they’ll treat you better. Chances are they will.

You don’t actually like the items in this gacha all that much…
This is more of a buying Cash thing, but I’ve seen WAY too many people spin gachas they hate for it not to be on the list. Do not buy anything with the express purpose of getting you to VIP Platinum unless you really, really like the VIP gacha that month. (Also, if you’re only buying one VIP package at the start of the month, you are not getting the Petit VIP that’s up at the time of purchase. The one you can spin is the second one.) Just so we’re clear, complaining about how much you hate the VIP gacha is not the same thing as liking it enough to spend money to get it.

Hopefully this guide helped you with your decision-making! Feel free to refer to it whenever you need to make important choices about Cash, and be sure to leave a comment below if you have something insightful to add!

Happy PLAY-ing!