How to Look Like a Spender When You’re Not

On Line Play, the amount of real-world money you spend on the game tends to have a major influence on your PLAY-er’s style. It’s pretty easy to spot whales in Times Square wearing all VIP items, and F2Ps are almost instantly recognizable by their (usually very basic-looking) Fashion Shop, TICA, and OOTD clothes. (If you’re confused about some of the terms I just used, go here.) But what if you don’t want to look basic? What if you’re a PLAY-er wanting to look a little fancier than everyone else but lacking in the means to do so? Well, if that’s the case, this guide is just for you!

I will say that a lot of this is somewhat luck-based, but even with bad luck, you should be able to look somewhat spendy. 😛

1. Get all the free items you can. All of them. Think Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, stuff like that. But instead of wearing them as soon as you get them, wait for a while, THEN wear them. The reason you want to wait is everyone’s going to be dressed the same way as you if you put these items on right away.
2. Play all Lucky and Jackpot Animal/Fruit Club spins that come out. These can be accessed from under “Events”. You might end up with lots of furniture, but you might also end up with super rare auras and animated items, things that aren’t usually accessible to F2Ps.
3. Look for older CanCam, celebrity, and character gachas to spin. Chances are most people won’t have the items you’ll get from these gachas, and some newer PLAY-ers won’t even have heard of them.
4. Whenever LP announces new Treasure Island chests, look and see what the schedule is and then go fishing once the things you want are all available. These are technically Cash gacha items, so don’t miss out on the chance to get them all for free!
5. When you get free Cash, look for gachas containing items that mesh well with color schemes you have. For example, I wear a lot of pink, purple, and white, so I look for gachas with those colors. It’s probably best to start off with one major outfit, then build on that with items that can be used to make different outfits. Also consider avoiding Cash gachas you know a lot of basic F2Ps will spin, like the Love Sick series or some of the other gachas that cost 5 Cash.
6. Even limited Gem gacha items can look good! Just think – in a year from now, new PLAY-ers won’t have a way to get these items, and you’ll barely ever see them being worn anymore. They’ll have gone from being somewhat noobish to being a sign that you’ve been PLAY-ing for a while. And with the recent introduction of upgrade items to Gem gachas, it’s easier than ever to get animated items without spending any Cash!

I hope this helped you out! If you have any tips on how to look like a spender without actually being one, feel free to leave a comment below. 😉