Welcome to this blog! As you can probably tell from the header and sidebar, I’m Marina. No, not Mariana, Marina. 😛

I used to be a Bearville blogger, but I moved to Fantage in February 2015 after Bearville announced it was closing. Things were going great for about a year…until Fantage decided to screw over everyone without membership. That’s when I kind of lost interest in playing. I’ve since moved to Line Play, and I currently love it (the chibi on this page/my banner is my LP character wearing my absolute favorite outfit right now).

This was originally a Fantage blog (OMG WHO WOULD’VE GUESSED?!?!?!), hence the AMAZING pun in the URL. I’d change the URL/make a personal blog, but I’m honestly too attached to that pun now, plus I don’t like having a ton of blogs at once.

Things you may see on this blog include StreetPass posts, Line Play posts, general gaming posts, book rants, and just plain ol’ stuff that happens to me. I also post updates about Bearville Rainy Days from time to time, so go check us out if you’re interested in this blog!

If you want to see more old Fantage posts from me (and some friends of mine, too!), check out the other blog I’m an admin on, Fantage Marianna.

Disclaimer: I’m not the type of person to obsess over trigger warnings and stuff like that. The chance of me posting something like that here is very, very low, though, and I’ll generally hide it. I also don’t warn for swearing or mature content.


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