Book Rants

I read a lot of books. Most of them are YA. This means I end up being exposed to more than my fair share of absolute garbage.

One day, I started recapping some of the worst, most irritating offenders. People really seemed to like this, so I felt encouraged to recap more. Believe me, I have plenty of material on hand.

Since my rants can get kind of hard to find, here they all are, organized on one page for your reading pleasure!

Rants about Specific Books
Where Futures End
The Program

Rants about Book-Related Things
Stupid Love Triangles

I can’t promise anything about accepting requests for specific books (because then it becomes about you, not me, and the point is I’m the one who can’t stand this garbage), but your comments do matter to me. The more people comment on my posts to laugh at these books with me or share other insights, the more encouraged I am to fit another rant or two into my spare time rather than just briefly mentioning the book on BRD or something.

Also, to the people I’ve already spared from actually going and buying any of this crap, you’re welcome.