Bearville Rainy Days

Yes, I know this doesn’t look like anything remotely related to Fantage. JUST LIKE THE REST OF THIS BLOG NOWADAYS!!!

Bearville Rainy Days was a place to chat about Bearville. Then, when we heard that BV was closing, we decided to add Fantage forums, so now it’s a place to chat about Bearville and Fantage.

If you’re bored of Fantage, we also like talking about things such as Line Play, anime, gaming…the list goes on. Feel free to stop by and chat with us anytime! You can even be in our monthly banners or apply for one of our staff positions. ;D


20 thoughts on “Bearville Rainy Days

  1. I’m really sad about Bearville closing….. I think all of us had some good memories from it. I remember when I first found the I was really excited about it! I would hop of the bus and run home everyday after school. I would play bearville almost everyday! Ah, the good days….. LOL!! 😛


    • To be honest, I haven’t missed BV as much as I thought I would. Then again, I think that’s mostly because of Fantage and certain other things that happened right after BV closed. But yeah, we’ll always have the memories. 🙂
      (If you’re curious, I first found out about BV from a BABW in August 2008, and right when I got home, I went to enter my bear code. I didn’t really start playing EVERY SINGLE DAY until sometime between 2010 and 2012, though. :P)

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  2. My little cousin came to my house the other day! She was so excited because she got a build a bear for the first time. She wanted me to help her make a Bearville account. She was crushed when I told her that it closed…..:/ but I introduced her to Fantage instead…… Now she is happier than ever! LOL 🙂 😛


    • Aww, that’s so sweet! 🙂 And depending on your cousin’s age, BV could’ve been really boring for her (well, unless she was into trading or talking to people…) since it hardly ever updated. Even if you don’t like MyMall or you’re not a PM, at least Fantage has events everyone can participate in to some extent… 😆


      • She is 6, so I don’t know if she understands most of the stuff on there. She seems to have a good time on there, though! 🙂


      • Yeah, I don’t think trading or talking in BABW would’ve been much fun for a 6-year-old. At least she’s having a good time on Fantage! 😛


  3. When Bearville announced it was closing, I had 25,000 bear bucks that I had saved up for a while. I started buying useless crap that I didn’t even want and decorated my house like I was Iggy Azalea or something. On the last day Bearville was open my friends and I had a HUGE party! We played until it closed (which was like at 1am. We started playing at 8:00am!). Before it was 1am we all went to every place in Bearville and said our goodbyes. BTW I started playing Bearville in July of 2008. It was kinda sad they were just deleting a really fun game and replacing it with crappy games and videos. 😦 :/


    • I think I had something like 170,000 Bear Bills (I took a screencap, but I’m too lazy to check it right now). We actually thought BV was closing a day earlier than it did, so we said most of our goodbyes on the 30th instead of the 31st. On the actual last day, though, we just stood in the castle, waiting for the end, preparing to die. 😛 I started playing BV on August 18, 2008, the same day I got my first bear. And yeah, it’s sad, and it was also a really crappy move for BABW, considering BV was the reason a lot of people bought their bears in the first place. :/


    • My friends and I watched a few of the earlier videos and they’re…so bad it’s funny. We also changed BRD to a Bearville Alive forum for April Fools’. That was one of the best days ever, TBH. 😀


    • You mean post my face? No. If, and that’s a big IF, I ever show my face to anyone, it’d be my best friends, and I’d find a way to make sure the picture never got on the Internet. Sorry, but I’m not posting what I look like publicly. 😛


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