Spending for F2Ps

Are you a new PLAY-er? Are you overwhelmed by all the stuff? Not sure what to spend your Gems on? Well, look no further! I’m here to be like the annoying people on KH Reddit and tell you how to play your game! Aren’t I just great?! 😀

Before we begin, some terms you might not know…

F2P means Free to Play. If you’re F2P, you do not spend any money on the game in question. Ever. You make do with what you’re given, and you keep it that way. F2P PLAY-ers are generally easy to spot – they tend to wear a lot of Fashion Shop and Gem gacha clothing, and many of them choose to spin the same Cash gachas when they get the chance.
C2P means Cheap to Play. You may occasionally buy a less expensive deal or two (maybe the $2 USD thing, or the Lucky Bag replacement if you’re really feeling adventurous), but you don’t make a habit of it.
A dolphin is someone who spends more on a game than a C2P player without being a full-on whale. This term is a little less clear-cut, and I don’t think I could point at any specific person or spending habits and definitively call that “dolphin”. It’s up to you to figure out who falls under this category.
A whale is someone who regularly spends hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on a game. You know those people you sometimes see in Times Square wearing all (or mostly) VIP items, usually including the action item, with five- or six-digit heart counts? Those are whales.

I’m not here to criticize anyone’s spending habits – it’s your money, and if you have the means to, you should spend it on what makes you happy. What I am here to do is provide a guide for PLAY-ers who don’t wish to spend money on LP but who want to look good.

This guide is accurate as of June 2017. Line Play may add future updates that make parts of it obsolete, but most of it should remain somewhat useful.

For New PLAY-ers Only
***If you haven’t made your Line Play account yet and want to join, consider waiting until the beginning or end of the month. For the past five months, we have gotten 10 free Cash for logging in for 25 or more days out of the month. Note that Line Play “starts” months one day early for North Americans due to being based in Japan. This means that if you happen to join on the 6th or 7th of the month, let’s say, then you might end up screwed over and unable to collect that month’s Cash. Yes, you’ll probably be able to get it again next month, but if this really bothers you, join at the VERY beginning or VERY end of the month so you can get right to work on getting that Cash.***

For those of you who’ve already joined, however…
1. Milk the hell out of Cherry’s School. Get all eight bingos and log in every three hours for your free Magic Box item. (Are they still calling it that?)
2. Do not buy ANYTHING you don’t have to until you can afford a Face Shop ticket (20,000 Gems). Line Play gives new users insane amounts of Gems compared to what you get later, so use them wisely. Also, when picking your face, make sure you look through all the different eye/nose/mouth/etc. options so you don’t miss one you’d really want. Face Shop tickets are expensive, so use this one wisely!
3. For the gacha spin Bingo, spin all of the gachas that are free on the first try. Currently (IIRC), those include CHOCO, Love Sick 1, Ikemen School 1, Go For Love Wonderland 1, and The Next It Girl Special. CHOCO is available from the LINE character gachas list, and the others are under “Animated Surprises”. The VIP gachas are not spinnable unless you spend money or Line Play is uncharacteristically generous (November 2016), so don’t bother trying to spin those.
4. You may notice a lack of decent hairstyles in your inventory for a while. This is normal. Just get some cute ones from the Fashion Shop or make do with what you have until you get something better. I personally didn’t get any really good hair for the first two months I had LP. If this bothers you that much, you might want to consider investing in a particular Gem gacha with hair you like until you get it (see below).

For All F2Ps
1. LOG IN EVERY DAY. I cannot stress this enough. Logging in daily gets you VIP Gold for the month, Gems, and other free things like Cash or Face Shop tickets. This is the only way you can expect to get Cash without spending real money, so take advantage of this.
2. Spend your monthly 10 Cash wisely. Unless there’s a sale, consider holding on to it until the start of the next month to make sure Line Play is still giving out Cash. If you run out and they stop giving out Cash, you probably won’t be getting any more for a long while.
3. Do not invest large amounts of Gems or Cash in gachas that only have one or two items you want. I learned this the hard way. You may be able to with Gems (you’ll just have to be committed to spending only on the specific gacha for a while), but never EVER spend more than the first play’s worth of Cash on a Cash gacha unless you’re fine with ALL of the items in it.
4. Similarly, unless you love the gacha itself, avoid Cash gachas with color schemes that you won’t be able to work properly. You’ll get more use out of a random accessory that’s the same color as five of your outfits than you will out of a dress in a completely different color. Sure, you could always get more items in that color later, but your main goal should always be to build on the wardrobe you have NOW. The color scheme(s) you’ll want to go for depend on the items you have, but white is usually a safe enough bet.
5. When a new Lucky/Jackpot Animal/Fruit/what have you Club spin comes out, consider trying it once or twice if you like the items. You have a chance of getting massive amounts of Gems (up to 70K from the Lucky spins/80K from Jackpot) and the items are generally good-looking. You can even get animated auras and other items you couldn’t normally find in a Gem gacha! Just don’t fall into the trap of spinning too much, don’t spend all your Gems on the spin if you happen to get a bunch from it, and avoid the Cash spins like the plague.
6. Supplement your outfits with items from Sugar Bon Bon or the Fashion Shop. Sugar Bon Bon is a store accessible from Bonnie’s official room, and if you like the items there, consider adding Bonnie so you can get to the shop more quickly. Be prepared to save up a lot if you want anything from that store, though – it’s expensive! At least you’ll look cute and have items new PLAY-ers won’t know about, though. It’s pretty obvious where the Fashion Shop is, so I won’t go into detail about that.
7. Use this trick to get yourself some older items that aren’t obtainable through normal means nowadays. Don’t worry, it’s completely legit…and the best part is it’s all Gems!
8. Wait until you’re a VIP to recycle items. The amount they give you when you’re not is ridiculously tiny, but with VIP Gold, it doubles. If Line Play ever gives out free VIP Platinum again, it’ll triple. It’s unlikely you’ll ever get that, though, so stick to the Gold bonuses unless you know for sure you’ll get VIP Platinum that month.
9. Above all, think before you spend. Check the item lists carefully and try things on before you give up your hard-earned Gems or Cash. Some items might look better with or without some other things, so try them on with multiple outfits if you have to.

I hope this helped you! If you have any questions or ideas for this guide, be sure to leave a comment and I’ll try to answer you as well as I can.

Happy PLAY-ing!