Minimum Prices

Ever wanted to know the minimum price for a popular (or at least semi-wanted) item? Well, you can find that out here! And if you know the minimum price for an item that isn’t listed here, then just comment below and I’ll add it. 😛

All prices listed are in Gold, which should be obvious, because you can’t sell things at MyMall for Stars or eCoins.

Some recolored items (e.g. the four different Chalk Boards) have different prices from the originals. This is important to keep in mind for trades (not that I advocate trading) or giveaways you might be involved in, because being able to afford the minimum price for one item doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to afford the minimum price for all of its recolors.

Also, all rare items, as well as all items from Secret Adventure, will always have a minimum price of 500 Gold. For convenience, though, I’ve still listed some of the most popular items from both these places below.

Alva Hair – 9,000
Animated Frisky Blonde – 21,000
Battle Hairs – 3,000 (all)
BB Hair – 15,000 (both)
Blonde Intriguing Hair – 7,500
Caitlyn Style – 500
Cool Cat Hair – 15,000
Jodi Style – 500
Kitty1929’s Brown Ponytail (2014) – 1,200
Kitty1929’s Hairstyles (Spring 2015) – 3,000
Light Brown Hair – 3,000
Lovely Prom Hair – 540
Purple Hair w/Tiara – 4,500
Secretary Hair – 1,500

Army Tank – 900
Black Crop Top with Bangle – 1,200
Blue Peasant Top – 500
Canoeing Red Prize – 1,200
Colorful Striped Tee – 500
Earth Day Top – 500
Kitty1929’s Pink Blouse – 1,200
Kitty1929’s Shirt(s) – 2,400
Light Blue Sweater – 1,800
Panda Pullover – 900
Peace Out Tee – 500
Red Holiday Sweater – 1,200
Tree Branch Tee – 500
Winter Top – 500
Winter Wind Jacket – 1,500

Black ‘n’ White Shorts – 12,000
Kitty1929’s Shorts – 2,400
Muzzie2000’s Cool Shorts – 1,200
Red Gym Shorts – 12,000

Dark Vampire Outfit – 1,200
White Dress – 540

Ice Fairy Queen – 1,350
J-Pop Star – 840
Zelda – 1,800

Black Boots – 900
Cleopatra’s Sandals – 500

Chalk Boards – 510 (red)/1,500 (blue)/3,000 (green/white)
Piano Board – 500

Body Accessories
Angel Wings – 500
Arrow Accessory – 4,500
Blue Scarf – 750
Checkered Scarf – 500
Glowies – 6,000 (all)
MP3 Player (rare) – 500

Face Accessories
Bubblegum – 500
Cool Geeky Frames – 500
Number 1 – 500 (blue)/1,050 (red)

Hair Accessories
Cute Polar Bear Hat – 500
Mouse Band – 3,000
Pink Cat Ears (rare) – 500
Prom Tiara – 500
St. Patrick’s Hat – 6,000 (black)
Unicorn Headband – 5,000


17 thoughts on “Minimum Prices

    • They all have the same minimum prices AFAIK. But if there are any differences between starred and coined versions of items, since I’m not a member, all of these prices are for the eCoined versions. 😛


    • Well… The definition of “rare” items is different on FT than it is on BV. Here, rare items mean that they came from the orb at Orion’s. The more wanted items are generally known as “wanted” or “popular” items, from my experience. But yes, these are all wanted. 😛


  1. Those prices are FINALLY reasonable! Nowadays people are selling them for unnecessary prices, which drives me CRAZY!!!


    • Well, recoining is gone and all that. But yeah, looking at these prices and then seeing what people actually sell these items for… 😆 If you’re lucky, though, you can still get something for minimum price (or close to it). You just have to wait. And wait. And wait…


    • Some of these items do get sold for minimum price AND COINED (black ‘n’ white shorts come to mine), but yeahhh. The lack of recoining did bring about a bit of inflation, though…


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