Remind me not to update YT on my phone…


I really liked the nice old layout they had for a while, but now that’s gone! And now it looks like YT on my computer! Which is nice…ON MY COMPUTER. Not so much on my phone.

Here are some things that are new to this wonderful update!

1. Distracting red everywhere.
2. Ugly layout.
3. An annoying bar that tells you how far you are into the video. WHAT WAS WRONG WITH THE OLD ONE??? AT LEAST THAT WENT AWAY!
4. Giant text in the search bar, so now you can’t see more than three results! At least, that’s the case for those of you who happen to dislike big phones! Have FUN with YT thinking you can’t read regular-sized text!
5. Random menu buttons you don’t need in locations that are conveniently easy to tap by mistake!
6. I don’t know if this is permanent, but BREAKING NEWS! Now featuring things you CARE about! ESPECIALLY when you just want to listen to music in peace!

IMO, this is seriously the worst update they’ve had since that iOS 7 one. And just like what happened then, I may need to use Safari to watch videos for a little while, because I CANNOT STAND when YT randomly changes like this.



WP Frustrations

Why is it that WordPress loves to make blogging less and less convenient as time goes by?

You used to be able to get to the WP Admin page just by HOVERING OVER “MY SITES” AND CLICKING THE LINK. Now you have to click a thing and scroll all the way down to the bottom? WTF?!

Oh, yeah, it’s also now a pain to switch between your blogs. JOY.

I swear, if they remove the classic HTML editor and force everyone to use the “improved” one, I don’t even know if I’ll keep blogging on this site. -_-

Just…UGHHHHHH. -__________________________-