To whoever may happen to see this…

I feel this needs to be said.

If you are going to complain for several months that your public Twitter account is being “stalked” because people are viewing it or hearing about it from others, and if you are going to proceed to write a long rant about the illegality of cyberstalking, then you should know it is incredibly hypocritical to use trackers to access someone’s private account they have shared the username of with two people total just so you can block said account. It is also very hypocritical of you to complain about being “stalked” after having engaged in practices such as having spent the past two years gathering and spreading personal information about other people based on things you have overheard in the background of Discord voice calls.

Also, if you so desperately want not to be banned from a Discord server because it’s “too important” to you, then I suggest not stalking several members of said server including the staff. I especially recommend not doing this after you’ve been told your ban may be revoked if you prove you’ve changed, because that’s a very good way to make said ban permanent.

If you happen to have a friend doing any of these things, please step back and take a good look at said friend’s actions. This may come as a surprise to you, but someone having personal or mental problems does not give them a free pass to be a stalker, nor does it excuse their hypocrisy. It’s also rather hypocritical of you to call someone “mental” while defending a person on the spectrum, but I digress.

To anyone who still follows this blog from the good old days, sorry that I’m popping up in your reader with this of all things. But hey, you’re hopefully not hypocritical stalkers, so way to go! Give yourselves a pat on the back for not being terrible people.

Thanks for reading, everyone! I hope you like my blog! ;D

P.S. If this post offends you in any way, well, it obviously shouldn’t! I mean, I didn’t use any names here, so it’s totally fine! Right?!


Spinning the June VIP Gachas

Well, I realized my wait for a VIP gacha sale had ended last night, and so I FINALLY spun Pearl(s of) Love. I actually ended up getting almost all the items I wanted, so I’m really happy with my spins so far! 😀 I’m just not sure which VIP gacha I should spend the rest of my Cash on next…

For more details/updates about what I got, check my post on BRD.

By the way, I know it’s a long shot given my followers, but do any of you know any active LP blogs? Sometimes I need my Line Play fix when I can’t actually get on my tablet. ;~; I know it’s a mobile game with its own blogging system, but the lack of a big LP community anywhere besides LP is kind of sad…


A Filler Post

Well, I just realized I haven’t posted on here in a couple of months. Crap.

The thing is, though, I haven’t had a lot of time to devote to this blog (and for reasons I’d rather not go into detail about here, I probably won’t have much time all summer)…or ideas about what to post. Which leads me to the question: what do you people want to see from this blog, anyway?

There’s Line Play, where I’m currently waiting for it to be either the end of the month or a couple of hours from now, depending on whether or not they’re rereleasing the Butterfly Angels action item. I shouldn’t get my hopes up, I shouldn’t get my hopes up…

There’s ACNL, where I’m having nonstop plot resetting problems and may need to settle for a deeply unsatisfying house spot I don’t want.

There’s KH X, which I’m currently not as interested in because everyone’s gotten overly negative and it just feels way too toxic right now. :/

Or I could always go find more crappy books to rant about. I mean, people seemed to like my previous rants… I have a couple of ideas about what kinds of joys I’d love to inflict upon you all next, but I haven’t found anything truly AMAZING yet. We’ll have to see… 😉

Or maybe I should just recap Teardrop like I keep meaning to!

Anyway, yeah. I need posting inspiration. In the meantime, if you’d like to discover other stuff I’ve written or just talk to me off of WP, feel free to visit Bearville Rainy Days!


Late Night Updates

My blog has sorely needed an update for well over a year now, and I finally got around to changing some stuff. Most of this stuff involves Line Play in some way, shape, or form.

First off, I changed the header and background to reflect my LP ~*~aesthetic~*~ better. So pastels, flowers, and butterflies. And I only just now realized how weird it is to be going without a rainbow background on my main blog for the first time in three years, wow…

The character on the header is my Line Play-er now, rather than my Fantagian. Hopefully people won’t start gossiping about how I look pregnant again.

I changed the heading text for my posts so it went better with the font in the header.

Finally, I updated my about page a bit and added some stuff. 😛

Anyway, that’s pretty much it for now. I may add links to non-Fantage blogs on the sidebar next, but I don’t really follow that many active people I’d care enough to put there. Not that activity is a huge requirement to get on my blogroll…

Also, apparently I’m supposed to make another BotW post when I get to some specific shrine, so there’s that? o_O


A BotW Anecdote

Ever since I’ve been able to play BotW, I’ve found the Guardians very stress-inducing because of their ability to kill you and your general inability to kill them until later on. Whenever I’ve stumbled upon an area with them, I’ve gotten the hell outta there ASAP. Unfortunately, there have been times where I haven’t been able to do so.

Like the first time I went to the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab.

And at this point, I think we should have a Read More here because of “spoilers”.

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