Spinning the June VIP Gachas

Well, I realized my wait for a VIP gacha sale had ended last night, and so I FINALLY spun Pearl(s of) Love. I actually ended up getting almost all the items I wanted, so I’m really happy with my spins so far! 😀 I’m just not sure which VIP gacha I should spend the rest of my Cash on next…

For more details/updates about what I got, check my post on BRD.

By the way, I know it’s a long shot given my followers, but do any of you know any active LP blogs? Sometimes I need my Line Play fix when I can’t actually get on my tablet. ;~; I know it’s a mobile game with its own blogging system, but the lack of a big LP community anywhere besides LP is kind of sad…


A Filler Post

Well, I just realized I haven’t posted on here in a couple of months. Crap.

The thing is, though, I haven’t had a lot of time to devote to this blog (and for reasons I’d rather not go into detail about here, I probably won’t have much time all summer)…or ideas about what to post. Which leads me to the question: what do you people want to see from this blog, anyway?

There’s Line Play, where I’m currently waiting for it to be either the end of the month or a couple of hours from now, depending on whether or not they’re rereleasing the Butterfly Angels action item. I shouldn’t get my hopes up, I shouldn’t get my hopes up…

There’s ACNL, where I’m having nonstop plot resetting problems and may need to settle for a deeply unsatisfying house spot I don’t want.

There’s KH X, which I’m currently not as interested in because everyone’s gotten overly negative and it just feels way too toxic right now. :/

Or I could always go find more crappy books to rant about. I mean, people seemed to like my previous rants… I have a couple of ideas about what kinds of joys I’d love to inflict upon you all next, but I haven’t found anything truly AMAZING yet. We’ll have to see… 😉

Or maybe I should just recap Teardrop like I keep meaning to!

Anyway, yeah. I need posting inspiration. In the meantime, if you’d like to discover other stuff I’ve written or just talk to me off of WP, feel free to visit Bearville Rainy Days!


LP Square Adventures

Because I am easily bored, I decided to visit another Line Play square and see what was going on there. I didn’t get any more…cat enthusiasts, but I did get to see a wedding. Here are some highlights!

Person 1: “I’m forever alone”
Person 2: “heh whatever”
Great to know you care!

Person 2: “where shane be?”
Apparently this is the groom. I still don’t know who the bride is.

Person 2: “we talk and stalk”
Person 3: “Stalk what exactly”
Person 2: “idk”
Well, if you don’t know, who does?

Person 4: “ok everyone clear the way”
Because everyone was in that secluded corner. Yup, totally.

Person 5: “shotas are over rated”
Meh, I feel like their popularity has gone down, myself.

Person 2: “for some reason we also stalk”
Person 2: “stalking is optional”
Thanks for the clarification!

This is the part where I had to leave, unfortunately. I get the feeling they weren’t in a huge rush to have their wedding, anyway…



After many, many days of waiting (23, to be exact), I FINALLY got to spin March’s VIP gacha on Line Play! Sorry to everyone who I constantly annoyed with my impatience.

In my opinion, this is one of the best VIP gachas LP has had. It’s even better than the angel one and Sleeping Beauty because it did NOT constantly give me furniture *COUGH*. The colors go with most of the stuff I have, too. I wanted to whale for a VIP gacha for once, so it’s a good thing this one came when it did. 😀

After my disappointing experiences with Fairy Lulu’s Dreamworld, I went in expecting the worst. I was…pleasantly surprised.

I posted my full haul and opinions about the items I got on BRD, so go have a look!


Faith in humanity restored?

Well, at least on Line Play.

So I went to the Line Café today hoping to catch some interesting drama. You know, unlike last time. But instead, I got people complimenting me on my Siamese. 😛 Everyone seemed really nice and friendly in there, so yay! 🙂

ALSO, NEW GO FOR LOVE SERIES OMG!!!!!! 😀 I might seriously consider spending money for that/Fairy Lulu’s Dreamworld. I really want those dresses…


Bearville Rainy Days’ 3rd Anniversary Contests!

Haven’t been on BRD in a while? Or maybe you haven’t had the chance to join at all? Well, now’s the perfect opportunity to come (back) to BRD!

In honor of its third anniversary, Bearville Rainy Days is holding three massive contests for rare ACNL items, Bells, villagers, custom rank titles, and more! YOU could be one of the seven total lucky prizewinners – and you’ve got a great chance of winning if you get started early! So what are you waiting for? Get recruiting, posting, and writing starting today!

For those unfamiliar with Bearville Rainy Days, we’re a completely drama-free place to talk about games like Bearville, Fantage, Line Play, ACNL, and whatever other things might catch our members’ interests in the future! And if you don’t want to talk about gaming all the time, that’s fine, too! We also have lots of anime and kpop fans. Basically, if you’re following this blog, you’d probably love the content on BRD!

We’ve also always had a casual, laid-back, friendly atmosphere. Our community is close-knit, but we welcome new members with open arms, and we’d definitely love to have you on our forum!

You can become a member of BRD here.

Note: Our recruiting contest runs from January 1 to March 1, 2017. Our posting and writing contests both end on January 31, 2017.


Why I Find LP Squares Boring

Most of the time, people don’t talk. And when they do, the conversation goes like this…

Person 1: “PUSSY! :D”
Person 2: “lol [some other friend who might have been AFK?]”
Person 3?: “ALALALALA PUSSY!!! :D”
Person 2: “he keeps falling on his ass”
Person 3: “lol because this is funny for some reason!!!”
Person 1: “TRALALA PUSSY! :D!!!”

Random Other Person: “Hi! *insert random kaomoji here* Have a nice day! *insert other random kaomoji here*

And this is why I don’t hang out at squares on LP! 😀