In which I answer that one ACNL quiz everyone knows about…

Yeah. Katie inspired me to do this, so THANKS, KATIE!

I’ll be answering all of these questions for my main town only.

1: Why did you name your character and town the way you did?
I use the name Marina for pretty much everything I play. My town name came from my BV name because Katie and I had some idea involving picking town names that showed we knew each other from BV? Or something? I don’t really remember…

2: Who is your favorite current villager?
Probably Marina. I also like Jacques, though.

3: Who is your least favorite current villager?
Hmm… Probably Celia. I don’t have anything against her, but she’s normal and I have way too many normals. -_-

4: If you could pick any villager to move in, who would it be and why?
Not counting the ones I currently have cards of and am just too lazy to move in ATM…uh… Maybe Epona? I’ve never had a definite list of dream villagers for my main town, so…

5: If you could date one special character (think Isabelle and others like her) who would it be?
None of them.

6: Who or what truly runs your town?
I’m just as confused as you are!

7: Which K.K. Slider song do you like the most?
Two Days Ago. ❤

8: What is your least favorite K.K. Slider song?
I don’t know if I have a least favorite, but I know there are some I like less. I don’t remember all their names, though, but I’d recognize them if I heard them.

9: If you were a villager, what type of villager (species and personality) would you be?
Normal or uchi octopus. Or sheep.

10: When and why did you start playing Animal Crossing?
June 2013, when ACNL came out. Katie convinced me to get the game.

11: What is your nickname in the game?
Everyone’s just calling me random things right now, but for a little while, it was almost universally “chérie”…

12: What is a random fact about your town?
It has some path with trees and stuff that everyone loves for no reason! And now the ramp to the campground is there! Oh, wait, that’s too many facts…

13: Do you time travel?

14: If you could introduce one new villager species to the series, what would it be?
I don’t know, maybe snakes? (Although they’d probably have to be nagas or have telekinesis or something…) I saw someone suggest bats once, so I guess that could be neat, too.

15: Favorite island tour?
Uh… Maybe hide-and-seek?

16: How much time do you spend playing New Leaf on average each day?
I’m on hiatus a lot of the time, but I generally play quite a bit when I’m not.

17: When is your character’s birthday?
November 9th. It’s coming up PRETTY soon… *HINT, HINT*

18: What is your favorite flower in the game?
Hybrid and white roses.

19: What town project is your favorite?
I have two, the flower clock and log bench. 😛

20: What town project do you hate the most?
I don’t really have a least favorite. Maybe if I didn’t have any other towns, I’d say something like the drilling rig or whatever, but getting to have different towns with different themes has made me appreciate all the PWPs more. They’re all good for different situations, you know?

21: If you could add something to the game, what would it be?
The ability to change your face style and skin tone at Shampoodle’s. I’m honestly surprised they didn’t add the skin tone thing considering how vocal everyone on Tumblr has been about it… And now I’m going to rant a bit.

People, if you want something to change in a game series, whining about it isn’t going to solve your problem. Proposing a solution for future games/updates might actually do something. HOWEVER, if your solution is stupid and borderline racist (WHY IN THE HELL WOULD YOU SAY “THANKS!!! IT’S VERY LIGHT/DARK!” WHEN SOMEONE COMPLIMENTS YOU ON YOUR SKIN? WHY WOULD SOMEONE COMPLIMENT YOU ON YOUR SKIN IN THE FIRST PLACE? JUST…WHAT?!), then it’s not an actual solution. I realize you’re all mega SJW-y and crap, but if you took even a little time to think about this and apply actual logic, you would see that what you are doing is not productive or helpful to anyone involved.

That was cathartic. MOVING ON!

22: How would you describe your main character in three words?
I don’t know. (Hey, that was three words!)

23: Have you ever done something you are ashamed of or regret in this game?
Not planning out my town better, picking a bad house spot, letting people move in in really awkward places… There’s just so much to choose from. :/

24: What hobby do you like the most, bug hunting, fishing, or diving?
Bug catching. It feels less tedious than the other two.

25: Do you have any special characters that you dislike? If so, explain.
Not really. I don’t get the overwhelming hatred for certain characters, either.

26: What furniture series do you like the most?
I don’t really have a favorite because I don’t like using just one series to decorate a room. I do love my rococo on the moon room, though…

27: What furniture series do you like the least?
Probably Spooky and Pavé. Yes, KATIE, I dislike your beloved Pavé series. I think it’s boring, ugly, and not Festivale-ish at all. c:

28: What would Tom Nook be willing to do for Bells?
What, did the creator of this quiz make it right after reading The Terrible Secret of Animal Crossing or something?

29: Could Isabelle rule the world?
Considering what she says when she’s camping, I get the feeling she’d need to get permission from her boss first…

30: Who do you think was supposed to be mayor instead of you?
I’ve never had a definite opinion on this, but I like hearing what other people have to say about it. Let me know who you think the mayor was supposed to be in the comments! 😛

31: What is your favorite thing about the game?
Probably the customization. Because of this and other games (*cough*XY*cough*), I now pretty much have to have good character customization in a game to play it. Well, unless it’s in a series like Mario or LoZ where the main character isn’t supposed to be YOU, but yeah.

32: What is your least favorite thing about the game?
I’m too lazy to find the direct quote, but to paraphrase someone on TBT: “ACNL is a game that likes to make you wait for things for no real reason.”

33: Ever had a villager you loved move out on you?
Stitches moved out on me back in 2014… Though I got a ton of Bells and the 7-11 ABD for him, so meh. He’s also in my second town, and I prefer Erik in terms of lazy villagers, so it’s really not a big loss IMO.

34: Who is the ugliest villager that you ever had or have?
Probably Pippy. She does NOT look peppy to me. Nor does she look attractive.

35: What do you want the most in this game right now?
I don’t know… To get my town looking decent? Which it probably won’t for a long, long, LONG time, because I now have two other towns to work on. Plus other responsibilities. I guess a more reasonable goal would be to dupe some of the new stuff…

36: Who is your most favorite villager in the entire game? Why?
Marina. At first I only really wanted her because of the novelty of her having the same name as me (although Marina isn’t actually my name IRL…), but…I don’t know, she just grew on me. It probably helped that she’s basically me as a villager: that name, that personality, that species… Though I’d probably be blue, not pink. 😛 She’s also the one villager in my town whose house placement I can actually say I’m completely happy with (I plot reset for at least half of the people in my town right now and most of their locations are STILL kind of iffy). I spent a while trying to get her card and was so excited when I did that I made her a house in HHD right away. I have her in my main town and AF, and I want her in my second town. I don’t really know what else to say, I just REALLY like Marina. ❤

37: Who is your least favorite villager in the entire game? Why?
I don’t really have a least favorite villager like a lot of other people do. There are villagers I’d rather not have in my town, but I don’t mind seeing them elsewhere.

38: What does your character look like? (Their face, clothes, etc…)
I have the first face (because I didn’t know WTF I was doing on the train) with black eyes. I wear the thick glasses pretty much all the time. My hair is almost always this (dark brown right now):
As for my current outfit, I’m wearing Isabelle’s fall/winter sweater, worn-out jeans, hero’s boots, and Celeste’s ribbon. Be jelly, random TBT and Tumblr people.

I feel like I should tag people to make them do this, so I nominate the liker of flames, the most Fantagable of Fantagians, and the kicker of fruit. Have fun! 😀


Blog Name Inspiration Tag or Some Crap

Uh, I think Nunnally tagged me in this? 😛

My blog name is a pun on “fantabulous”. I wanted something unique, so basically not “Fantage [insert something here]”. This is also why I didn’t join FTWP in February/March.

My username on Fantage is xmarinarainyx because it wouldn’t let me use the username I wanted (creamycarbines) and I just went with what was my IG name at the time. I got the name in general because someone on BV used to call me “Marina Rainy ROFL Rainbow” (three of those were names I went by on there and the fourth was because I said “ROFL” literally all the time).

Marina isn’t my real name. I got it because Katie saw it was what I went by in Mario Kart 7 and started calling me that.

Uh… I choose to torture Katie and Casey with this. If you want to know how to do the tag properly, go find other people’s posts because I’m too lazy to link them.

I need sleep…


Marina’s NOT GROWN UP Christmas List

Thanks for GETTING THE WORLD’S MOST ANNOYING SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD, Nunnally. And for tagging me, too, I guess.

The rules…

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • List ten things you want for Christmas.
  • Nominate three bloggers.
  • And include a picture of a Christmas cookie!

Ten things I want for Christmas…

  1. For Katie to do my tags.
  2. For Casey to get to meet her babies in person.
  3. For Heather to be able to get on Fantage and Xat on a regular basis.
  4. For Anna, Jared, Nunnally, and all their Vaseline to live happily ever after in their hamster-powered mansion.
  5. Four Kat two keep making number puns with me.
  6. For Nutella to get a jar of Nutella twice her size all to herself.
  7. For my totally super-Secret Santa to choose just the right Christmas gift for me.
  8. For more people to join BRD.
  9. For Grown Up Christmas List (the whiniest Christmas song ever) to be removed from existence so it’ll stop playing on the radio. -______-
  10. For whoever’s reading this to have a happy [insert holiday here]. 🙂

I nominate…

I would’ve done Anna and Kat, but they both got tagged already. -_-

Oh, yeah, Christmas cookies. Because I’m lazy, you can have this picture from my old BV blog. 😛


Thankfulness Tag

So, despite the fact it’s not exactly a huge secret I’m Canadian and therefore celebrate Thanksgiving a month before all you Americans out there, KatNutella, and Nunnally all tagged me to do this. (I find it funny how most of the people getting tagged for this don’t even celebrate Thanksgiving right now…)

Also, to Sally and Nunnally, I haven’t done your writing tags because I honestly don’t feel up to writing long stories right now, plus I already did the short story tag. Sorry!


  • Thank the person who tagged you.
  • Say three or more things you’re thankful for.
  • Tag five to ten people to do this.

I’m thankful for:

  1. My family. I know it’s sappy, but I literally wouldn’t be here writing this post without them. Yay. 😛
  2. My friends. Without friends, I’d have nobody to tag, and then I’d have to get a blog for my sock and my shoe just so I could tag someone– Wait, I wouldn’t even get tagged if I didn’t have friends, so never mind. In all seriousness, though, you guys have been here for me through thick and thin. I hope we can all keep in touch over the years, and that maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to meet up someday. 🙂
  3. Everyone who contributed to the development of StreetPass games. Among other things, those are what helped turn what I thought would be a depressing time into one of the best months of my life. I honestly don’t know where I’d be without them, so… ;u;
  4. Being able to make 100 posts on this blog. GO ME.

Uh, yeah, I got pretty serious at the end there, but still. Sorry for some of the clichéd answers. 😛

I tag…


Making Up a Short Story – Tag



  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Make up a short story with the words from the person who nominated you.
  3. Nominate one person and give them 12 words to make up a short story with.
  4. Tell the person who made up the tag (Chingster3).
  5. Comment on fantageshimmerglimmer giving Chingster3 the link to where you did the tag.

Here are the words gravycf is making me use in this story…

  1. Psycho
  2. Clowns
  3. Instagram
  4. Blanket
  5. Toilet Paper Roll (this is three words…)
  6. Fairycari
  7. Sunset
  8. YouTube
  9. Cheese Platter (this is two…)
  10. Strawberries
  11. Guidance
  12. Titanic

Once upon a time, two clowns fell in love. Now, I know a lot of people think clowns are psycho, but they’re just regular people like you and me once they take off their clown costumes! Our two heroes of this romantic tale met on Instagram, where they quickly became mutual followers. (Bleh, I don’t know if that’s the term they use on there. I HAVEN’T BEEN ON IG FOR EIGHT MONTHS OKAY.) Over time, they started talking with webcams and found out that they both lived close to each other. Then, one day, one clown asked the other for guidance on planning out a first date… The other was secretly a bit heartbroken, but replied: “Have a picnic on a beautiful blanket at sunset, with a cheese platter and some strawberries. Watch the Titanic movie if you can, but if you can’t get it in time, just watch some videos from Fairycari’s YouTube channel. One more thing…make sure you have a toilet paper roll to spare, because nobody likes having to go to the bathroom and finding out there’s NO toilet paper available!”

Little did the second clown know that all of this date planning was actually for her! The date went like a dream, and now the two clowns are happily dating. (You thought I was going to say they got married, didn’t you? Well, it’s never good to rush things…)


I nominate all the usual suspectsagainNutella, too, since this tag is pretty new and she hasn’t done it before me for once. 😛

I’m going to torture you with these words:

  1. underground
  2. chimney
  3. stacking
  4. melody
  5. shining
  6. keyhole
  7. chlorofluorocarbon
  8. crayon
  9. starlight
  10. scalene
  11. adept
  12. flounce



The Blogger Interview Tag

Both Anna and Sally nominated me for this, and I need something to keep me raging because of what WP is doing to the pages (well, it fixed while I was writing this update, but blogs either displayed every single page they had or no pages at all). Here goes…


  • Mention the person who tagged you.
  • Answer the questions in full.
  • Don’t forget to tag up to ten other bloggers at the end.


How did you get into blogging?
I don’t know, really… I just saw other Bearville bloggers back in January 2014 and thought I’d give it a try. As for Fantage blogging, I think we all know this, but I moved to Fantage when everyone found out BV was closing. I wanted to keep blogging about something, so here I am. 😛

What advice would you give to a blogger just starting out?

  • Never copy what other people do with their blogs. Be original with your general appearance, theme, and posts.
  • Spamming is annoying and will make people unfollow you.
  • Don’t make your goal being popular. If you do become popular, don’t let it get to your head.
  • If you like someone’s blog posts, talk to them! That’s how Anna and I became friends. 😉

What would be your dream campaign?
What does that even mean?

Do you have a plan for your blog?
Other than keeping posts related to Fantage and FTWP, not really. If you want to know more about my life or obsessions, talk to me on BRD. I don’t like pointless spam very much, so I won’t do that to other people.

What do you think about rankings?
I have no idea what those are, so I can’t answer that… Do you mean like ratings? Eh, they’re okay, but it’d be nice to see someone other than the same five bloggers get the top spots.



The Infinity Dreams Award

I’m pretty sure this thing has been going around FTWP since the dawn of time, but this is the first time I’ve actually been tagged to do it. So thanks, Carly. 😛

Also, wasn’t there another “award” with the same name that was completely different?


  1. Thank the person you were nominated by and follow their blog. (Because there’s a high chance of you seeing you got tagged if you didn’t follow the person’s blog? What?)
  2. Tell everyone 11 facts about you.
  3. Answer the questions that the person gave you.
  4. Nominate 11 bloggers and give them 11 other questions

Facts about me:

  • I use the really, really old WP post format (and in HTML/CSS most of the time, too), so I have no idea what y’all are going on about when you talk about the new format.
  • I also don’t want to be forced to use the new format, WORDPRESS STAFF.
  • I just ate some chips.
  • I noticed Carly only listed ten facts about herself instead of eleven like she was supposed to.
  • I’m very warm right now.
  • I want to read my book, but I can’t until later… 😦
  • I’m taking a long time to list facts because I really don’t know what to put here.
  • I’m procrastinating on about five different things.
  • I might want to change my Gravatar someday. Probably not, though.
  • I now have a One Direction song stuck in my head. -_-
  • I have finished listing these facts. 😀

Carly’s questions:

  1. What were you doing before you started this tag (besides scrolling through WordPress)? Talking to Casey on BRD. Which I’m still doing. 😛
  2. Favorite virtual world? Bearville closed, so Fantage, I guess? Not that I actually go on any other virtual worlds…
  3. Grapefruits or Grapes? Grapes!
  4. Do you believe in any supernatural stuff? (ex. ghosts, seeing a black cat brings bad luck..etc) Some of it, yes.
  5. Do you realize I don’t have any questions to ask so I’m putting in random stuff that comes to mind? I do now… Don’t worry, I always have the same problem.
  6. Would you rather be able to read someone’s mind for a day or go invisible? and why. I’d rather read minds, just because that’d probably help clear up a lot of stuff before it started… 😛
  7. What color is your shirt/dress right now? Gray.
  8. Are you wearing socks or shoes or are you barefoot? Barefoot.
  9. Did you do your homework yet? I don’t get homework, so…
  10. What time is it right now where you live? IT’S NOPE O’CLOCK, EVERYONE! 😀
  11. What device are you using right now? (ex. laptop, phone..etc) I’m on my computer. 😛

I nominate…

  1. Casey
  2. Katie
  3. Nunnally
  4. Kittsay if she hasn’t done this already
  5. Anna if she wants to do this again
  6. Nutella Bae if she wants to do this again
  7. Kat if she wants to do this again
  8. people who haven’t done this
  9. my sock
  10. my shoe
  11. that’s about it


My questions…

  1. What did happen to the other “Infinity Dreams Award” that was nothing like this one?
  2. How much would you pay for a commission? (NO, NOT FROM ME, FROM PEOPLE IN GENERAL.)
  3. Why do people give out their full names and cities/states/provinces/areas in general, but not their birthdays or ages?
  4. What’s the point of putting a Xat chatbox on your blog if it doesn’t work or you never use it?
  5. How many people are there in FTWP?
  6. When do you think Christmas preparations (or holiday preparations in general, I guess) should start?
  7. Do you ever feel so much older than practically everyone else you know?
  8. Why do people love animated items so much, even if they’re terribly shaded?
  9. What’s your opinion on social issues these days? (And if that makes you uncomfortable for some reason, do you like your hair color?)
  10. Pants, skirts, or dresses? (Or kilts, too, if you’re a guy…)
  11. Do you have trouble coming up with stuff when you get tagged to do these things?

The Fun Questions Tag

I was tagged by Briar! …because my username has an R in it…

Anyway, I’m pretty sure you just have to answer all of these questions and then make other people answer them, so…

  1. When is your birthday? November 9th! (Which I’m sure most people know because that was literally last Monday…)
  2. What are your three favorite colors? This shade of blue, uh… I wear a lot of dark red, and, uh… I guess blues in general/periwinkle/white. 😛
  3. What are your three favorite quotes? I’m not much of a quotes person, but I do like this one. And yes, I made that signature for my friend. 😆
  4. Are you addicted to YouTube? Not really, no… I mostly use it to listen to music.
  5. What are your three favorite shows on TV or YouTube or both? The only show I watch regularly is Once Upon a Time, so there’s that, I guess?
  6. What are three qualities you like in a best friend? Someone who you can laugh and cry with. Someone who’ll stay up late just talking to you and having fun. Someone who’ll accept you for who you are, not insist you be someone you’re not.
  7. Do you like your name? Sure?
  8. If you had the choice to pick your own name, what would it be? Probably Marina, I guess?
  9. What’s your fantasy dream? I have no idea what this question means, so I’m just going to link to the website for Fantasy Life because that’s what the wording reminds me of. 😀
  10. Do you wear makeup? Yes. 😛
  11. If you could write a book, what would the title be and what would it be about? It wouldn’t be a crappy YA dystopia novel, that’s for sure. Nor would it have romance in it. I don’t care much for bad romance in books… I say “bad” because technically my favorite book is romance, but it’s actually written well, so.
  12. What makes you cry? Hormones.
  13. What makes you angry? A lot of things annoy me, I’ll say that right now. I guess one thing that makes me really angry is when you’re arguing with someone and they think they’re right when they’re not… -_-
  14. What makes you happy? When I see new SP fanart/fanfiction. Really, I don’t think anyone here even knows how much I like StreetPass… 😀
  15. What is “fangirling?” Something people (girls in this case since you used the term “fangirling”) do that can get annoying if you don’t particularly care for whatever it is that’s being fangirled about. See, this is why I don’t go on and on about my interests on here. (I save that for the lovely people on BRD…)
  16. What are your three favorite snacks? What counts as a “snack”? The only thing I ever really have as a “snack” is a bowl of cheese puffs…
  17. What are your three favorite foods? I DON’T EVEN KNOW.
  18. What are your three favorite drinks? I CAN ANSWER THIS! 😀 Milk, water, and tea.
  19. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Isn’t that what this entire tag is for? 😛
  20. What are ten random facts about you? Hmm, I should probably list things people wouldn’t know… Let’s see… I don’t like soda or anything fizzy, I’m excellent at accidentally killing plants, I want to watch the Maradonia movie if it ever comes out (FOR THE LULZ), my favorite element is water, I can’t think of good facts about me, I’m being pestered to finish this post, I should probably try to come up with actual facts, I need to publish this, though, aaaaaaand I’M DONE LISTING FACTS. ARE YOU HAPPY, CASEY?! 😀 …Oh, yeah, I’m night crazy, too.
  21. What are your three fun things to do? From my FM bio: gaming, reading, and doing random stuff on the Internet. With context.

I tag…


Sisterhood of the World Blogging Award AGAIN

Anna tagged me, so I have to do this again. Rules are in the last post. 😛

1. Is Seth your lord and saviour?
I’d need to get to know him a little better first.

2. Do you ship Jared and I together? Be honest, I’m waiting for that one person who doubts our relationship.
Yep! 😉

3. What are your opinions on yanderes and yangires?
I know you mean yandere males, but you’ve made me want to watch Mirai Nikki. Well, you and the theme songs for it.

4. Can I ask you a question?
Sure! But, uh, isn’t that what you’re doing right now? 😛

5. What’s the point of wearing popular fantage items and having a high level?
It’s just like how rare items were on BV. If you wear popular items on Fantage, stupid people will like you for no real reason. Also, it proves you are a copycat.

6. If you have stalked us to the full extent, what is the biggest lie Jared and I said about our relationship? What do you notice that doesn’t make sense that we have said about ourselves? (There are actually two, and if you find them great job! I’m not going to tell you if you’re right or wrong though.)
Hmm… Something about your guys’ location, or how long you’ve known each other. I don’t know, I haven’t really thought about it.

7. Have you used Christian mingle? 😉
No, because I’m not Christian, nor am I over 18.

8. What would you do if suddenly God came down from the sky and said, “I am God.”?
Honestly, I have no idea.

9. What would you do with a billion gold?
Hmm… I’d buy the stuff on my wishlist, probably. (I need to make a page for that…) Then I’d give some Gold to all my friends and save the rest for later.

10. I’ve always wondered, why is Cloud82 so popular?
Right now, I’m guessing it’s because she’s selling off all her stuff for money.


Sweetsugar’s Halloween Challenge

So I was tagged by Memepony9 to do this. Even though she said I was from FantageRop, I’m posting it here because Anna was also tagged (in the initial post, too!). And, y’know, I kind of want to post on this blog. 😛

The rules for the challenge are here.

Since I’m lazy and know I’d give up halfway, I’m not going to do a pixel edit, just one using the fan art template they provide. I’m also not going to shade this very well, apparently.

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 6.18.37 PM

Poor civicstardustyaracloud4125 was your average popular Fantagian. Her life had been going pretty well: she’d gotten a whun, managed to get frisky for a great deal, and made friends with all of the top ten highest-leveled Fantagians. Then the apocalypse hit, and now her hair’s all messy, her clothes she spent so much Gold on are ruined, she’s lost one of her favorite diamond earrings, and she suddenly feels like petitioning Star Café to put brains on their menu…

(Yes, I know the shirt looks nothing like the Peace Out Tee or any similar shirt on Fantage, but I was going for a “generic popular shirt” look. And I forgot to add stripes to her shorts. Oh well.)

As for who I tag, I’m going to try to tag people I know everyone else won’t pick right away. So…

1. Casey
2. Danika
3. Ameee (now ALL the FR staff can do this!)
4. Minty if he sees this

Click the links to get to these people’s blogs.

If you have something to say to me about my edit, or if you want to share your sympathy for civicstardustyaracloud4125, feel free to leave a comment below! 😛