Bearville Rainy Days’ 3rd Anniversary Contests!

Haven’t been on BRD in a while? Or maybe you haven’t had the chance to join at all? Well, now’s the perfect opportunity to come (back) to BRD!

In honor of its third anniversary, Bearville Rainy Days is holding three massive contests for rare ACNL items, Bells, villagers, custom rank titles, and more! YOU could be one of the seven total lucky prizewinners – and you’ve got a great chance of winning if you get started early! So what are you waiting for? Get recruiting, posting, and writing starting today!

For those unfamiliar with Bearville Rainy Days, we’re a completely drama-free place to talk about games like Bearville, Fantage, Line Play, ACNL, and whatever other things might catch our members’ interests in the future! And if you don’t want to talk about gaming all the time, that’s fine, too! We also have lots of anime and kpop fans. Basically, if you’re following this blog, you’d probably love the content on BRD!

We’ve also always had a casual, laid-back, friendly atmosphere. Our community is close-knit, but we welcome new members with open arms, and we’d definitely love to have you on our forum!

You can become a member of BRD here.

Note: Our recruiting contest runs from January 1 to March 1, 2017. Our posting and writing contests both end on January 31, 2017.


Fantage Contest post #2

For the people who didn’t see this before! 😛


Do you want to win the white number 1 that’s over priced in MyMall at MINIMUM PRICE? What about gum? $10 worth of gold? Cleopatra sandals? And MORE? Then head on down to http://www.bearvillerainydays.forumotion.com and join in our two contests to win insane prizes for minimum gold.
Just register, post, and get your friends to join to qualify for these awesome prizes!


And remember, we aren’t just about Fantage. ♡

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Fantage Contest

Here’s Casey’s post about our contests! 🙂


Come join BRD to win some awesome Fatange prizes. Two different contests will be held with different prizes for different places.

RECRUITING CONTEST: In order to qualify for this contest you must get people from Fantage to join BRD and have them put your name under WHO RECRUITED YOU. FIRST PLACE PRIZE is free $10 gold provided by the moderator (me). SECOND PLACE is gum, THIRD is polar bear hat, FOURTH is Angel Wings, FIFTH is Cleopatra Sandals. Contest ends November 28th

POSTING CONTEST: Coming soon, most details are unknown. For this contest the highest poster of the month will win a prize. FIRST PLACE PRIZE IS KNOWN and is the white number one.

All prizes are sold at min gold (500), must have gold to participate unless you are trying to win the free gold.


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BRD’s Fall Recruiting Contest

Have you guys ever wanted to win $10 worth of Gold, Bubblegum, or other wanted items for minimum price? Well, Bearville Rainy Days is having a recruiting contest from now until November 28th, and these are just a few of the prizes you can win!

To enter this contest, all you need to do is make an account on BRD and get your friends to sign up, too! When they sign up, please make sure they put your name under “Who recruited you?” – that way, it’ll count for the number of people you’ve recruited! And as you’d expect, the person who recruits the most people wins the contest. 😉

If you’ve read this post and are interested in joining this contest, be sure to say Marina recruited you! 🙂

Here is the post on BRD with more information about the contest, as well as the contest rules.

Happy recruiting! 🙂



Might as well try… 😛


Aloha Fantage!

As you can tell from the title, we will be having a raffle for 1 month of premium membership to celebrate the beginning of our blog! The winner will receive the code of a $10 Karma Koin gift card, which can be used to purchase a 1 month membership!

How to enter:

  • Follow this blog!
  • Like this post
  • Reblog this post

That’s it! After doing these steps, just comment below!This raffle ends on August 5th FSTso get your entries in before then!

Good luck guys!

Ashley 🙂

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