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Hey, guys! So I know I haven’t been posting many interesting pictures lately. I’ve actually taken a few (and some pictures with friends), but I haven’t really had the chance to post them… Well, here they are now! 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 2.55.58 PM

this picture is pretty old now





me with Kat



Yeah, I know I don’t have a lot to say about these, but I just wanted to post them so I could get them off my computer. 😛

Besides, who’s to say this is the only post I have in store for you guys today? 😉



Casey and I have stayed up all night watching the MMAs (some kpop thing)… Though if we’d known how long this would’ve taken, I personally might’ve gone to sleep a few hours ago.

There was just some Inside Out ripoff thing that lasted for what seemed like hours, because apparently there’s going to be a Korean live action version of Inside Out. With girls. Though not the girls in weird cheap costumes jumping around.

There’s also been a 16-minute commercial break, several instances of BigBang members who are not Daesung showing up, a girl whose jacket may or may not have been encouraging people to get off to her performance, and…a lot of people neither of us know. Though everything I know about kpop pretty much comes from Casey, so I have no idea how I’d know someone she doesn’t.


Shopping/Receiving Spree

Well, this may as well have been Shopping Day. At least for the two of us.

Between the gold I received from Memepony and what I got after selling some of my stuff, I managed to save up 30,000 Gold! I was going to use it to buy Black Boots, but the coined ones at MyMall were always waaaaaaay too expensive. ;-; Then my BFF Casey, who knew I was having trouble finding the boots because I kept venting about it on BRD, managed to get me a pair as an early birthday gift! 😀 (My birthday is on Monday, for those of you who don’t know.) Thank you so much, Casey! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

I…kind of forgot to take pictures of the two of us because I was doing like three different things at the time, but here’s what I was wearing at first:

first outfit

In case you can’t tell, this post is going to have a lot of different outfits in it. 😛

Then I absentmindedly clicked on someone’s kiosk because they were selling a blue chalk board – and found a coined piano board for minimum price. Knowing there were multiple piano boards that’re worth a lot of Gold, I bought it. (After a quick Google search, I found out that I did, in fact, buy one of the rarer ones and NOT the one at the Board Shop.)

second outfit

Then, since I’d pretty much gotten everything I was actually saving up Gold for, I decided to help Anna out a bit when she said she needed more Gold. She had this really cute outfit she didn’t mind selling, so I bought it from her! She even put it up for minimum price (2250 IIRC?) for me, because of my birthday coming up. 🙂

third outfit

Finally, a little while later, I was at MyMall in Blueberry Bobcat or whatever the big MyMall server is these days when I saw some nonmember saying she was selling the items she was wearing, including the Tree Branch Tee. Having always liked the way that shirt looked, I offered to buy it from the girl…and she accepted! Here’s the outfit I made with it (though I did keep changing my hairstyle, and I still don’t really LOVE this hair with this outfit):

this pic was not taken on Casey's account

So yeah, that’s everything I got today. (Well, yesterday now, but this post is scheduled and stuff.) Which outfit is your favorite? 🙂


151003 BigBang Concert

My best friend got to see her favorite group perform the other night. This was her dream for four years, and I’m so happy it could finally come true for her. Congrats, Casey! :’)


Oh my gosh! They were so amazing! They forgot to play one song from MADE but eh.. oh well. I got an amazing number of photos of Daesung though ♡.


I was able to awesomely see backstage. ♡ Well it’s not really backstage more so behind the curtains.










Ahh ^~^ Daesung was so beautiful at the concert I just couldn’t take my eyes off him. ♡
We got a private suite it was fun. I’m also pretty sure he heard me screaming for him because during Wings he smiled after I screamed and while he spoke I screamed and he said “Thank you for all the love and support tonight.” How cute can he get???? This was completely worth the four year wait. I’m so thankful towards Beth who bought my plane ticket and her brother who got me into the show in a private suite. It was the best…

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