A Filler Post

Well, I just realized I haven’t posted on here in a couple of months. Crap.

The thing is, though, I haven’t had a lot of time to devote to this blog (and for reasons I’d rather not go into detail about here, I probably won’t have much time all summer)…or ideas about what to post. Which leads me to the question: what do you people want to see from this blog, anyway?

There’s Line Play, where I’m currently waiting for it to be either the end of the month or a couple of hours from now, depending on whether or not they’re rereleasing the Butterfly Angels action item. I shouldn’t get my hopes up, I shouldn’t get my hopes up…

There’s ACNL, where I’m having nonstop plot resetting problems and may need to settle for a deeply unsatisfying house spot I don’t want.

There’s KH X, which I’m currently not as interested in because everyone’s gotten overly negative and it just feels way too toxic right now. :/

Or I could always go find more crappy books to rant about. I mean, people seemed to like my previous rants… I have a couple of ideas about what kinds of joys I’d love to inflict upon you all next, but I haven’t found anything truly AMAZING yet. We’ll have to see… 😉

Or maybe I should just recap Teardrop like I keep meaning to!

Anyway, yeah. I need posting inspiration. In the meantime, if you’d like to discover other stuff I’ve written or just talk to me off of WP, feel free to visit Bearville Rainy Days!


Bearville Rainy Days’ 3rd Anniversary Contests!

Haven’t been on BRD in a while? Or maybe you haven’t had the chance to join at all? Well, now’s the perfect opportunity to come (back) to BRD!

In honor of its third anniversary, Bearville Rainy Days is holding three massive contests for rare ACNL items, Bells, villagers, custom rank titles, and more! YOU could be one of the seven total lucky prizewinners – and you’ve got a great chance of winning if you get started early! So what are you waiting for? Get recruiting, posting, and writing starting today!

For those unfamiliar with Bearville Rainy Days, we’re a completely drama-free place to talk about games like Bearville, Fantage, Line Play, ACNL, and whatever other things might catch our members’ interests in the future! And if you don’t want to talk about gaming all the time, that’s fine, too! We also have lots of anime and kpop fans. Basically, if you’re following this blog, you’d probably love the content on BRD!

We’ve also always had a casual, laid-back, friendly atmosphere. Our community is close-knit, but we welcome new members with open arms, and we’d definitely love to have you on our forum!

You can become a member of BRD here.

Note: Our recruiting contest runs from January 1 to March 1, 2017. Our posting and writing contests both end on January 31, 2017.


Want more ACNL posts from me?

Assuming that quiz counts as a post…

It’s the question you never thought you’d be asked! And the thing you never knew you’d want this much! And now that you’re all excited over the prospect of ACNL posts from me, I’m going to make your dreams come true, because I have an ENTIRE BLOG about ACNL! That’s right, you can now read JUST my ACNL posts without having to hear about stuff you may or may not care about!

If YOU want more ACNL in your life (because who doesn’t?), then click here.

If you don’t actually care about ACNL and just want to continue reading my random posts, then…just keep reading this blog. I don’t plan on leaving it.

If you want me to post about Fantage again…


In which I answer that one ACNL quiz everyone knows about…

Yeah. Katie inspired me to do this, so THANKS, KATIE!

I’ll be answering all of these questions for my main town only.

1: Why did you name your character and town the way you did?
I use the name Marina for pretty much everything I play. My town name came from my BV name because Katie and I had some idea involving picking town names that showed we knew each other from BV? Or something? I don’t really remember…

2: Who is your favorite current villager?
Probably Marina. I also like Jacques, though.

3: Who is your least favorite current villager?
Hmm… Probably Celia. I don’t have anything against her, but she’s normal and I have way too many normals. -_-

4: If you could pick any villager to move in, who would it be and why?
Not counting the ones I currently have cards of and am just too lazy to move in ATM…uh… Maybe Epona? I’ve never had a definite list of dream villagers for my main town, so…

5: If you could date one special character (think Isabelle and others like her) who would it be?
None of them.

6: Who or what truly runs your town?
I’m just as confused as you are!

7: Which K.K. Slider song do you like the most?
Two Days Ago. ❤

8: What is your least favorite K.K. Slider song?
I don’t know if I have a least favorite, but I know there are some I like less. I don’t remember all their names, though, but I’d recognize them if I heard them.

9: If you were a villager, what type of villager (species and personality) would you be?
Normal or uchi octopus. Or sheep.

10: When and why did you start playing Animal Crossing?
June 2013, when ACNL came out. Katie convinced me to get the game.

11: What is your nickname in the game?
Everyone’s just calling me random things right now, but for a little while, it was almost universally “chérie”…

12: What is a random fact about your town?
It has some path with trees and stuff that everyone loves for no reason! And now the ramp to the campground is there! Oh, wait, that’s too many facts…

13: Do you time travel?

14: If you could introduce one new villager species to the series, what would it be?
I don’t know, maybe snakes? (Although they’d probably have to be nagas or have telekinesis or something…) I saw someone suggest bats once, so I guess that could be neat, too.

15: Favorite island tour?
Uh… Maybe hide-and-seek?

16: How much time do you spend playing New Leaf on average each day?
I’m on hiatus a lot of the time, but I generally play quite a bit when I’m not.

17: When is your character’s birthday?
November 9th. It’s coming up PRETTY soon… *HINT, HINT*

18: What is your favorite flower in the game?
Hybrid and white roses.

19: What town project is your favorite?
I have two, the flower clock and log bench. 😛

20: What town project do you hate the most?
I don’t really have a least favorite. Maybe if I didn’t have any other towns, I’d say something like the drilling rig or whatever, but getting to have different towns with different themes has made me appreciate all the PWPs more. They’re all good for different situations, you know?

21: If you could add something to the game, what would it be?
The ability to change your face style and skin tone at Shampoodle’s. I’m honestly surprised they didn’t add the skin tone thing considering how vocal everyone on Tumblr has been about it… And now I’m going to rant a bit.

People, if you want something to change in a game series, whining about it isn’t going to solve your problem. Proposing a solution for future games/updates might actually do something. HOWEVER, if your solution is stupid and borderline racist (WHY IN THE HELL WOULD YOU SAY “THANKS!!! IT’S VERY LIGHT/DARK!” WHEN SOMEONE COMPLIMENTS YOU ON YOUR SKIN? WHY WOULD SOMEONE COMPLIMENT YOU ON YOUR SKIN IN THE FIRST PLACE? JUST…WHAT?!), then it’s not an actual solution. I realize you’re all mega SJW-y and crap, but if you took even a little time to think about this and apply actual logic, you would see that what you are doing is not productive or helpful to anyone involved.

That was cathartic. MOVING ON!

22: How would you describe your main character in three words?
I don’t know. (Hey, that was three words!)

23: Have you ever done something you are ashamed of or regret in this game?
Not planning out my town better, picking a bad house spot, letting people move in in really awkward places… There’s just so much to choose from. :/

24: What hobby do you like the most, bug hunting, fishing, or diving?
Bug catching. It feels less tedious than the other two.

25: Do you have any special characters that you dislike? If so, explain.
Not really. I don’t get the overwhelming hatred for certain characters, either.

26: What furniture series do you like the most?
I don’t really have a favorite because I don’t like using just one series to decorate a room. I do love my rococo on the moon room, though…

27: What furniture series do you like the least?
Probably Spooky and Pavé. Yes, KATIE, I dislike your beloved Pavé series. I think it’s boring, ugly, and not Festivale-ish at all. c:

28: What would Tom Nook be willing to do for Bells?
What, did the creator of this quiz make it right after reading The Terrible Secret of Animal Crossing or something?

29: Could Isabelle rule the world?
Considering what she says when she’s camping, I get the feeling she’d need to get permission from her boss first…

30: Who do you think was supposed to be mayor instead of you?
I’ve never had a definite opinion on this, but I like hearing what other people have to say about it. Let me know who you think the mayor was supposed to be in the comments! 😛

31: What is your favorite thing about the game?
Probably the customization. Because of this and other games (*cough*XY*cough*), I now pretty much have to have good character customization in a game to play it. Well, unless it’s in a series like Mario or LoZ where the main character isn’t supposed to be YOU, but yeah.

32: What is your least favorite thing about the game?
I’m too lazy to find the direct quote, but to paraphrase someone on TBT: “ACNL is a game that likes to make you wait for things for no real reason.”

33: Ever had a villager you loved move out on you?
Stitches moved out on me back in 2014… Though I got a ton of Bells and the 7-11 ABD for him, so meh. He’s also in my second town, and I prefer Erik in terms of lazy villagers, so it’s really not a big loss IMO.

34: Who is the ugliest villager that you ever had or have?
Probably Pippy. She does NOT look peppy to me. Nor does she look attractive.

35: What do you want the most in this game right now?
I don’t know… To get my town looking decent? Which it probably won’t for a long, long, LONG time, because I now have two other towns to work on. Plus other responsibilities. I guess a more reasonable goal would be to dupe some of the new stuff…

36: Who is your most favorite villager in the entire game? Why?
Marina. At first I only really wanted her because of the novelty of her having the same name as me (although Marina isn’t actually my name IRL…), but…I don’t know, she just grew on me. It probably helped that she’s basically me as a villager: that name, that personality, that species… Though I’d probably be blue, not pink. 😛 She’s also the one villager in my town whose house placement I can actually say I’m completely happy with (I plot reset for at least half of the people in my town right now and most of their locations are STILL kind of iffy). I spent a while trying to get her card and was so excited when I did that I made her a house in HHD right away. I have her in my main town and AF, and I want her in my second town. I don’t really know what else to say, I just REALLY like Marina. ❤

37: Who is your least favorite villager in the entire game? Why?
I don’t really have a least favorite villager like a lot of other people do. There are villagers I’d rather not have in my town, but I don’t mind seeing them elsewhere.

38: What does your character look like? (Their face, clothes, etc…)
I have the first face (because I didn’t know WTF I was doing on the train) with black eyes. I wear the thick glasses pretty much all the time. My hair is almost always this (dark brown right now):
As for my current outfit, I’m wearing Isabelle’s fall/winter sweater, worn-out jeans, hero’s boots, and Celeste’s ribbon. Be jelly, random TBT and Tumblr people.

I feel like I should tag people to make them do this, so I nominate the liker of flames, the most Fantagable of Fantagians, and the kicker of fruit. Have fun! 😀