LP Square Adventures

Because I am easily bored, I decided to visit another Line Play square and see what was going on there. I didn’t get any more…cat enthusiasts, but I did get to see a wedding. Here are some highlights!

Person 1: “I’m forever alone”
Person 2: “heh whatever”
Great to know you care!

Person 2: “where shane be?”
Apparently this is the groom. I still don’t know who the bride is.

Person 2: “we talk and stalk”
Person 3: “Stalk what exactly”
Person 2: “idk”
Well, if you don’t know, who does?

Person 4: “ok everyone clear the way”
Because everyone was in that secluded corner. Yup, totally.

Person 5: “shotas are over rated”
Meh, I feel like their popularity has gone down, myself.

Person 2: “for some reason we also stalk”
Person 2: “stalking is optional”
Thanks for the clarification!

This is the part where I had to leave, unfortunately. I get the feeling they weren’t in a huge rush to have their wedding, anyway…


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