WP Frustrations

Why is it that WordPress loves to make blogging less and less convenient as time goes by?

You used to be able to get to the WP Admin page just by HOVERING OVER “MY SITES” AND CLICKING THE LINK. Now you have to click a thing and scroll all the way down to the bottom? WTF?!

Oh, yeah, it’s also now a pain to switch between your blogs. JOY.

I swear, if they remove the classic HTML editor and force everyone to use the “improved” one, I don’t even know if I’ll keep blogging on this site. -_-

Just…UGHHHHHH. -__________________________-

10 thoughts on “WP Frustrations

      • yep yep, thats where the endless scrolling of posts also come from! (i really doubt wp had this feature tbh..)
        well, MAJORITY o them do. it’s mostly the aesthetic-based people where the background is too fucking pastel-ish AND TH E TEXT IS ALSO PASTELISH
        cool thing about tumblr themes though is that you can code your own (custom themes, basically) and yes; it’s fore free, UNLIKE WORDPRESS-


      • Yeah, I know about the coding. Also, not all Tumblr blogs have endless scrolling.
        Oh, this theme transcends all blog themes. It’s EVERYWHERE. I wish I could remember the name of it (Redux something?), but it might actually be multiple themes? Well, whatever it is, 90% of Tumblr users seem to have it, so…


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