SCR Ending

This is what happens when you defeat the World Champion for the first time in Slot Car Rivals. Most of the dialogue is pretty easy to find on Miiverse, but I thought it’d be nice to have in order. Though I’m pretty surprised nobody posted a video of this before… o_O

I turned on the HDR on my phone for these, so hopefully they’ll be better-quality than the MC ending pictures, but they’re still phone pictures.

Obvious spoilers are still obvious.

First, before we get to the actual ending, this is what happens when you clear the two missions in Zero-G Crash Course:

You then get this race overview, which you can’t back out of:

As for the race itself, I don’t have any pictures or videos of me racing, because…well…I was kinda trying not to crash. 😆 But people really make it out to be a MUCH harder race than it is. You don’t need Speed boosters (I didn’t even think I’d be able to win without a golden Speed booster because of how hard people were saying this was), and you don’t need to get Excellent on every corner. Ideally, you should try to have a time of under 45 seconds, which is perfectly doable even with a terrible booster. You don’t even have to completely avoid crashing, either, because I crashed once in my winning try and still managed to stay ahead (although it was pretty close…).

This is what happens if you lose (credit to Katie for the first picture!):

You will then get (read: be forced) to retry the race every time you race on Zero-G Crash Course. No, you don’t have to redo the missions. I don’t think you have to come in first place, either, but I could be wrong on that because I always did come in first place. It only costs two Play Coins per try, so…it’s really not that annoying. Also, free races are your best friend.

This is what happens when you finally win:

You then get to see the entire main room of the shop. There’s some dialogue that I guess is supposed to be from all the Miis who were watching you race (aka the ones who you raced against on Zero-G Crash Course in the warm-up race), though this part was funny because I only had one Mii there…

Anyway, the actual ending:

You then get to see the credits. Sadly, there’s no disco scene this time, but you do get to see some of the courses you’ve raced on, so…yay?

The credits end with your Mii being on the World Champion poster, and with the car you used in the last race being displayed on the table in front of that wall.

So…I guess I’m going to be playing a LOT of Mii Trek now so I can get that ending. And since I haven’t actually done anything with that other than the tutorial…oh, what fun this will be! 😀

If you know where to find the NA versions of the Feed Mii or Mii Trek endings, please let me know in the comments! The two endings to Market Crashers can be found here and here, and the ending to Ninja Launcher can be found here.

EDIT: Jennifer from Crystal Dreams posted a nice, clear version of this ending! You can find it here.

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