MC True Ending

This is what happens when you reach ten billion G in Market Crashers. I spent a lot of Play Coins to get this…

Sorry this isn’t a video/the pictures aren’t better-quality, but I was really excited and forgot to turn the HDR on on my phone. You should still be able to read everything, it’s just a little slanted. I made sure to get all the dialogue, too, so you don’t have to wait for people to post it on YouTube or try to fit it all together from Miiverse screencaps. 😛

Obvious spoilers are obvious.


That’s the end of it. There aren’t credits again, it just goes back to the title screen.

So am I done with this game? Not yet. I still need some of the showroom items (I think I just have three or four left? I know you can’t complete the showrooms before getting 10bil because the total cost is higher than that). If people are interested in the NA descriptions, and even if they aren’t, I’ll post all of those when I get the chance. I also want to post the scene that happens when you’re bankrupt, but I’ll need to use my other 3DS for that, so I won’t be able to get it until next month.

For now, though, I’m going to save my Play Coins for SCR so I can get its ending, which I’m pretty sure I know at least 90% of the dialogue of already, but it’ll be nice to have it in order. I’ll be posting that here once I get it…well, unless someone actually posts the NA ending on YT first.

If you know where to find the NA Feed Mii or Mii Trek endings, PLEASE tell me, because I really want to see them and it’d take too long for me to get the Play Coins for either of them. The ending to Ninja Launcher can be found here.

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