WP updated how the Reader looks AGAIN, and now I can barely read people’s posts without being asked about freaking disk space. You may be wondering why I don’t just:

1. Allow WP to use the space.
2. Get a browser that isn’t Safari.

Well, that’s because:

1. I’m paranoid about viruses.
2. I can’t.

So until WP shuts up about the disk space, IDK how much I’ll be able to comment on stuff. Sorry! :/

5 thoughts on “Ugh.

  1. they’ve went through a myraid of different themes for the reader, judging from the disk space shit (AND I ALWAYS PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE NUANCES AND DETAILS OF THE THEMES OF EVERY SITE HAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA MY LIFE IS SAD)
    and that really sucks, hopefully this will be put to an end :///


    • Oh, I know. I’ve been on the site since 2013. It’s changed A LOT since then. 😆
      Hopefully it will! In the meantime, if you REALLY want me to comment on something, just let me know on BRD or whatever and I’ll see what I can do. 😛


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