Another rant…

I’m sure people are expecting this to be about the Switch. Quick opinion: I’d probably be more excited for it if people stopped jumping to conclusions. This has been happening for pretty much the entire time we’ve known about this thing and it’s REALLY driving me crazy. Actually, that might be an understatement.

Anyway, onto the real subject of this rant: UNNECESSARY LOVE TRIANGLES SHOEHORNED INTO BOOKS!

(Warning: May contain vague spoilers for books you probably won’t care about. Read at your own risk.)

So I’ve been rereading this book recently. It’s been a while (probably at least a year or two) since I’ve last read it, so I don’t remember everything in the plot. Basically so far, a girl wakes up in a classroom with no memory of the last six months that’ve gone by. She then has to play a game involving killing her fellow students to escape her school try to piece together what happened during those six months. She has way higher grades than she used to, she’s dating her crush, and she’s not friends with her BFF anymore. Oh, and there are also possibly drugs and missing people involved.

But just when this plot looks like it might be interesting, this girl makes it come to a screeching halt so she can obsess over her love life.

See, her crush doesn’t actually seem as nice as she thought he was, and then there’s this other boy who she ended up picturing when she thought of love or something like that. So…kind of like Matched. Because you know your book is high-quality when you rip off the plot of that little gem! And then the girl tries to talk to the other boy about actual important things, but they end up talking about romance. Somehow.

These two boys also constantly fight over her. Like…whenever they’re around each other. Also, the crush is kind of a stalker, and even after this girl breaks up with him, he still follows her around everywhere. YAY FOR ROMANCE! 😀

Seriously, though, I hate it when people shoehorn love triangles into things for no real reason. I don’t know if it’s the author’s doing or the editor’s doing or the publisher’s doing or whatever, but it’s very annoying and needs to stop. I mean, Divergent was a mega-popular book and I don’t remember it having a love triangle… So… Why do other books have to have one now?

Like, take this series I read a little while ago. The first book was amazing. It was about a teenage girl who managed to survive an apocalypse and became sort of toughened from the world around her. She ends up taking in another girl quite a bit younger than she is, and the two of them are just trying to survive, hiding from these deadly alien things, using their wits to keep themselves alive, you get the picture. They eventually get rescued and brought to a survivors’ colony, and the book isn’t as great after that, but it’s still really good. There are some cliché dystopian things in there, but when romance gets thrown in, it’s barely even romance…and it works for that book. I mean, when humanity is at risk of extinction because these aliens are killing everyone they see, I really don’t think people are going to be that interested in their romantic lives.

For various reasons, I didn’t end up reading the sequel to that book until almost exactly a year later. I’d gotten myself pretty hyped up for it…only to be very, very disappointed. This was due to a few things, but the biggest of those would be THE COMPLETELY FORCED ROMANTIC SUBPLOT THAT PRETTY MUCH CAME RIGHT OUT OF NOWHERE.

And yes, it was so forced that it needs to be said in ALL CAPS. -_-

To put it bluntly, I was pissed. Why did there have to be a romantic subplot? Why did it have to be shoehorned in? Why was this basically the focus for half the book? (Well, that and some creepy rapist dude…) Did these people somehow manage to forget the little fact that THE WORLD IS STILL SHIT OUT THERE? Just…WHY?

This is what makes me hate romance in YA. Practically nobody can do it well. There are almost ALWAYS two (or more) boys obsessing over the main girl, even when she’s a total tool, stupid, or both. This dilemma ends up being so important that it ends up taking over the plot of the book, because people’s love lives are SO much more important than apocalypses or secret plots or what have you. And when it’s not written well, it basically ends up ruining what could’ve been an interesting plot. Ugh.

Have you guys ever read any books with this problem? (Which you probably have if you’ve ever read YA.) Be sure to comment below if you’ve got something to say. And even if you don’t, at least it’ll prove you’ve read this post…


19 thoughts on “Another rant…

    I always love how unrealstic guys are in YA though. They never do all of this cheesy shit like they do in these books. =___=
    Idk why people are also so into romance, and love triangles. Reminds me of when I read this terrible story on Quotev, and the author asked the readers “SHOULD I ADD A LOVE TRIANGLE PLOT!?” LIKE THE FUCK???

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    • All these dystopian YA novels have made YA itself dystopian. -_-
      I blame Twilight for that… Even after ten years, its effects are STILL with us. 🙄
      I DON’T KNOW, EITHER. Though that’s pretty hilarious about the Quotev person. 😆

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  2. I’ve never read YA, but I stay away from it whenever I see it in bookstores. (and also because my family would NOT approve of me having a YA book lmao)
    I wish authors would understand that not anything they write needs romance, which is why they always fucking shoehorn it. Some series are better off without romance, which is also why I wish that friendships were explored a lot more in a series (that’s also why I loved p4; the social links is what made me really interested in it).


      • I’m hyped for…character customization. Seriously, that is the only thing that made me care about XY, and now it’s one of the only things making me care about SM. That and the breaking from the mold… (Do you care about spoilers? I could try going into more detail if you don’t.)

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    • Well, YA is basically just an age level…and code for authors, editors, and publishers to do whatever the hell they want because the book will still sell even if it’s crap.
      EXACTLY. WE DON’T NEED ROMANCE IN EVERYTHING. Just…ugh, not everyone cares about dating other people in high school. I’m not talking about “aromantic” SJWs, I’m talking about people who want a relationship eventually but just. Don’t. Want. To. Date. In. High. School. (Although there’s a lot of overlap…)
      I don’t remember how exactly I got into Persona 4, but I think it had to do with the girl I used to stalk on Tumblr. She was pretty into it, so… 😛

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  3. Oh my god, infinity times yes. Love triangles are fucking awful; very rarely do authors manage to pull them off, and even in those cases are flaws. In real life, you’d hate being in a love triangle. Personally, I’d probably collapse from the stress.

    I don’t mind romance in YA novels (though, honestly, I prefer simple ship teasing, as frustrating as it can get, because it lets me speculate all kinds of shit) but it feels like authors are just shoving it in to appeal to teenage girls/boys who obsess over that kind of stuff. It’s kind of just… there, and the book would be so much better if you just took out the romance, maybe leaving a few hints here and there.


    • EXACTLY. I don’t even know if I could see myself in a love triangle… Or in a relationship at all. Maybe later on in life…
      BTW, have you ever heard of the House of Night series? Apparently the main girl ends up in a relationship with at least three different guys. And one is her teacher. And most of these guys don’t even know she’s dating other guys.
      Yeah, but if you EVER ship-tease for two same-sex characters, somehow it’s “queerbaiting” and everyone on Tumblr gets irrationally angry. Er…that’s another subject, though.
      THANK YOU. Yeah, some people can write romance well, but others…REALLY can’t. To be fair, publishers are more likely to be interested in your novel if there’s romance in it. Sigh… I guess there’s always vanity publishing? After all, that brought us such GEMS as Maradonia and Still That Girl…


      • I can’t see myself in any sort of relationship. I’m not a fan of commitment (though that isn’t to say I’d cheat)…


        What’s more, the first book features a girl trying to force oral sex on her unwilling boyfriend in a school corridor (so, trying to sexually assault him in public) – and all Zoey does is moan about how giving blowjobs is SO DEMEANING to girls and YOU SHOULD NEVER LET YOURSELF BE USED LIKE THAT. She totally ignores that a boy almost got sexually assaulted.

        And she treats homosexual people like… toys. She doesn’t consider them human, almost. Moreover, she says she doesn’t really have a problem with gay people, but flamboyant/camp gays bother her because they’re not being manly or some shit like that.

        Tumblr is always getting irrationally angry. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the same as ship-teasing two straight characters, with the only difference being that the two characters are the same gender.

        It really is a shame, that :/ We should force all writers to take a workshop on how to write GOOD romance if they even THINK about putting it in their story, and said story isn’t entirely a romance story.


      • (Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, but I didn’t have access to a computer for a lot of yesterday, plus WP keeps asking me something about disk space?)
        Yeah, me neither! But I think on my end, I’m just flat-out not interested right now… Though I doubt I’m asexual, and I don’t believe in “romantic” orientations and all of that garbage.
        Oh, I’ve heard of all of that, believe me. I almost wanted to pick up Marked in the store once just to see how awful it was. But mehhhh…
        By the way, if you’ve ever heard of the reality show Bringing Up Bates, there’s an Erin in both that and this. Knowing this fact is…very, very whiplash-y. And stupid.
        EXACTLY!!! And do bisexual (or at least bi-curious) people not exist anymore? Did they all just…vanish overnight? Honestly, I agree with the person I saw who said “queerbaiting” was just a term for when your ship wasn’t actually canon. 😆
        Oh, yes, we should. And now I’m thinking of how I might want to put romance in this story I’m planning… Hopefully that’ll go well. ;u;


      • Don’t even LOOK at Marked, you’ll be a lot happier. There’s some pretty awful shit out there, but nothing like the House of Night series.

        I’ve always been here! Here and sending my love to both the port and starboard of my ships u3u

        Yes yes yes, that’s pretty much exactly what “queerbaiting” is! It’s just a tool stupid people use to try to justify their rage over their ships being non-canon.


      • I know, but sometimes I (re)read bad books just to laugh at them. That’s why I even bothered to read Teardrop multiple times in the first place. And then buy the second book just to see how stupid it is…
        Yep, exactly. Funny how in that dumb PowerPoint I saw about it, the ships people thought were “queerbaiting” happened to be really popular ships on Tumblr in general… *COUGH*


      • Tumblr tries to pretend to be the cutesy girl who could still kick your teeth in and look good while doing it, but really it’s just an overly emotional tween going through puberty or something.


      • Oh, and about your story – I’m sure it’ll go well, seeing as you’re so aware about this stuff. If you ever share it online… Well, you just let me know ;D


      • Yeah, but…sometimes I kind of…lose awareness when I’m writing. Like, I plan something out to go one way, but it ends up going completely differently. :/
        Oh, I might… But then again, I don’t show my stories to a lot of people. 😛


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