Do you guys ever read books, get to the end, think they’re stupid, and then look online only to find that everyone else seems to love them for no reason?

Well, this is what happened to me.

Note: This contains spoilers for a very boring book that you shouldn’t even read. Yay.

This is a book called Where Futures End. I bought this sometime last February or March, I don’t really remember when. The premise looked decent from the cover flap. If you don’t already know where this is going by now, well, I’m here to tell you it’s not. This is because this book is stupidly vague. It starts out with bad explanations and only gets worse. I even tried rereading this thing the other day, but it’s STILL vague. Reviewers all talk about how the ending explained EVERYTHING for them, but…it really doesn’t. Trust me on this.

Basically, some kid in “a year from now” (and since this book came out in 2016, I’m just going to guess all the years based on that, so this would be 2017) has special powers. Apparently he can make people think things are real when they’re not. That’s interesting enough on its own, but this guy is slightly on the whiny side, so we get to hear about this while ALSO hearing about how nobody likes him and everyone wants him to be like his brother and he got kicked out of school because he cheated on some math test because he didn’t want to be on a math team. Or something.

Because this is YA, the guy meets a girl (who turns out to be his brother’s girlfriend, although this is kind of vaguely explained at first…just like most of the rest of this nonsense). Because this is still YA, the guy is also in love with another girl who he went to an alternate universe to play with when they were kids. Fortunately, though, this is technically only a novella, so we’re spared the traditional YA love triangle angst.

Something with the guy disguising himself as his brother to hang out with the girlfriend happens, there’s some angsting and crap, and then…we are suddenly switched over to a completely different set of characters.

Get used to that. It happens A LOT.

In our second little story, we are in the year 2026, and Things Are Capitalized Like This. Because in The Future, everything is going to be Capitalized. Reminds me of this, but I digress. Anyway, YouTube has been replaced with what sounds like a crappy YouTube knockoff, and somehow there are cameras in…vaguely explained places…that record everything and upload it to this crappy YouTube knockoff site. And people are also filming things on their phones and uploading those to the crappy YouTube knockoff. Basically, everyone’s obsessed with the crappy YouTube knockoff! And since that’s annoying to type out all the time, I’m going to abbreviate it as CYTK!

The actual plot of this thing is…some girl with a Kreativvly Spelled Name (which she wouldn’t even be likely to have, considering she must’ve been born around 2010, and people born in 2010 do NOT all have stupidly-spelled names) is in debt, and so is her older brother (who has a normal name, so…see my earlier point). And now she has to work at some stupid novelty…food thing…store to pay off her debt, all while trying to get famous on CYTK. Oh, and Capitalizing Random Things!

Tip for people who want to write about the future: THINK ABOUT WHAT’S CHANGED BETWEEN X NUMBER OF YEARS AGO AND NOW. Unless some massive apocalyptic event happens, we are not all going to change this much over the course of TEN YEARS. Also, I highly doubt YouTube will be obsolete (to the point where nobody even seems to know what it is) in 2026, especially in the continuity of this story, where we later find out that Google is not only alive and well, but also still enough of a massive corporation to buy large amounts of land from people for some reason. But I’ll save my comments about that little subject for later. For now, I’m just going to say that we haven’t changed THIS much since 2006, and we probably won’t have changed THIS much by 2026, either.

Oh, the ending to this thrilling plot? The girl runs into some guy from the alternate universe, and he has some notebook from the first guy. They talk about this alternate universe for a bit, then he vanishes, and all of this is enough to make the girl famous enough on CYTK for her to be able to pay off her debt. Yay for her.

We then fast-forward to the year 2046, where another girl with a Kreativvly Spelled Name is whining about her boyfriend, or…something. It’s so nice to know that even thirty years into the future, teenagers will still be whiny and angsty. Especially in YA.

Through some poorly-explained exposition, we find out that the polar ice caps are melting, so the US government is now blowing up dams or floodgates or something like that. But it’s not even letting people evacuate, oh no! Because companies are doing that! And for some reason, it’s REALLY crucial that these companies buy up land that’s about to be flooded, so they can make people move into cities! Seriously, apparently people wouldn’t have been able to get out of Florida if Disney hadn’t bought up the state. Because in thirty years from now, we’ll all be like the people in WALL-E and have lost the ability to move? I just…what?

Sure, these companies might be offering these people places to live and stuff like that. But from what it says in the book, it sounds more like people literally cannot move anywhere anymore unless some company or other offers to help them. 🙄

Oh, and phones are obsolete now, because everyone has screens that wrap around their arms. I question the practicality of this since I don’t remember it being mentioned anywhere that the screens displayed holographic videos or any of that, and…arms aren’t really convenient to watch things on. And since either CYTK or some other YouTube ripoff is still alive and well, it’s pretty much a given people will be watching videos on these arm screen things. If I find out there’s something I’m missing, I’ll go back and edit this, but…bleh. It still sounds kind of stupid.

Back to the girl and her boyfriend, they get approached by some important person in some company and…end up becoming famous singers. There’s some angsty love drama in there, because what we REALLY need right now is more angst. People then get the brilliant plan to take all the obvious environmental problems and dump them on the alternate universe. Everyone in said universe is completely fine with this.

It really says something that I reread this part of this book just last night and I’m having this much trouble remembering it…

The next part takes place in 2076 and is basically Sword Art Online without the part about people being trapped in the game. (Or maybe that was in there…) Everyone wants to go to this alternate universe now, so they decide to play a virtual MMO. This is where I had to start skipping ahead. A lot. Because of how mind-numbingly painful this section is.

I cannot stress how much I hated this part. After the first few paragraphs, it felt like everything from the first three stories that had been an ongoing thing was dropped completely. And this is the longest story of the five in here. It just keeps going and going…and going…and going…and…you get the picture.

There’s also the fact that skipping this section entirely really doesn’t seem to impact the final part of the book. So you’re basically reading about this painfully boring MMO virtual reality thing for no real reason.

At least the main character’s name is an actual word and doesn’t use Kreativv Spelling? Although it’s a word, not a name…

The final story of this book happens over a century from now (they never specify when besides that, so I can’t really give a closer estimate of the year this is supposed to be). This is hands-down the vaguest part of the already-incredibly-vague book, but I’ll try to give some kind of coherent explanation. Key word: try.

Basically, there’s a girl with a normal-sounding name. She lives in what used to be Canada but is now no longer recognizable as being anything but Generic YA Dystopia Land with a pinch of fantasy thrown in for good measure. Various terms get Capitalized and Used As If We Should Know Them Already. Descriptions are stupidly vague. Look, I realize we’re supposed to be like Victorian England in comparison to today in this situation, but could you at least try to sound a little clearer, author?

Anyway, a guy comes along! And he turns out to be…THE GUY FROM THE FIRST STORY! Remember him? Oh, wait, that MMO thing might’ve made you forget there were three parts before it. Despite the fact he should be about 116-117 by now, this guy is clearly not that old, but who cares about that? WE’VE GOT MORE VAGUENESS TO COVER!

The guy tells his story, which also sounds like we should know it already, even though this part wasn’t even covered in his section of the book. Then we get the THRILLING plot twist. Are you guys ready for it? This will shock you to your very core.


I know, we had NO way of knowing that before! I mean, the polar ice caps melting and half of the US being flooded and the transformation of Canada into Generic YA Dystopia Land didn’t imply this at ALL! ISN’T THIS A SHOCKING PLOT TWIST THAT MAKES YOU SEE THIS ENTIRE BOOK IN A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT LIGHT?!

Oh, yeah, the guy isn’t really the guy. He’s a fake guy. I’d comment more on this, but writing so much about this book is already putting me to sleep.

Anyway, the girl and the guy have to choose whether to save Earth or the other universe. Considering this Earth is pretty much screwed, the choice seems fairly obvious, but it still warrants some long argument/discussion. Somehow.

The book ends in the same style it’s been going on for…VAGUELY.

Why did I want to read this again? Yeah, I don’t know, either. The characters are all either whiny or assholish, the plot is badly explained, the book’s idea of the future is dumb (SERIOUSLY, WE ARE NOT GOING TO SOUND THAT DIFFERENT IN TEN YEARS), and it’s all just so boring. If you’re having trouble sleeping, this is the book for you. If not…don’t read it.

EDIT: Another thing that I forgot to mention but that didn’t make sense to me… Why didn’t anyone go into space? That wasn’t even mentioned as an option during the entire book. I get that people were obsessed with the other universe, but…you’d THINK we would’ve sent SOMEONE off to another planet within the next century or so…


36 thoughts on “Rant…

    tbh even from the book cover and title it sounds stupid lol


      The actual overarching plot is about our world and its interactions with the other universe, and basically they both get shittier and shittier until only one of them can be saved. I think?
      Fun fact: There are only four negative reviews of this book on US Amazon! And 3908492038409 positive reviews!


        well, idk what ppl see in stupid YA novels..theyre all usually the same lmao..
        but i prett sure theyre a few out there that are good, but still..
        and fun fact for you : we have YA novels in here and its cornier and cheesier than this dumb novel you bought (aka how insomnia ends as u call it)
        the only book i really liked in my native language is a pretty popular book, since it talks abt culture and society in here..but whats funny here is that i didnt understood half of it, it was well-explained, but i still didnt understand anything, just a few stuff..

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      • Because it’s “ambitious”. Not that that actually means it’s good. It’s just “ambitious”.
        There actually are a few that are good (look at the other comments for recommendations), but they’re mixed in with a LOT of…this. Bleugh. Though this book wasn’t a completely clichéd dystopian novel, so there’s that…
        Good to know crappy YA novels have taken the world by storm. BY STORM, I TELL YOU.
        Well, sometimes that kind of thing is hard to explain. It just…is. I don’t know, I’d have to know more about the book before guessing why. (And since your native language is not French, I don’t really think actually reading the book is going to be an option.)


  2. lmao book sounds stupid as hell
    i’m sorry that you had to deal with all of its.. stupidity.
    seriously though, it’s like the author has a bias for bad grammar Like Having Every Word Capitalize.
    what kind of story is that though? this is why i hate YA


    • It is. It truly is.
      A lot of YA authors do that capital word thing. I don’t know why. We haven’t started capitalizing Random Things since, say, the 50s (with the exception of product names, but those are ALWAYS stupid in YA). But apparently in the future, We’re Going To Capitalize EVERYTHING. It gets to the point where it’s like flying cars, TBH…
      Goodreads says it’s dystopia. I’d also like to point out that the summary there (which is taken directly from the flap, IIRC) pretty much SPELLS OUT THE PLOT TWIST. I’m serious. Look it up for yourself if you want to see.

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      • WHY IS EVERY YA BOOK DYSTOPIA!? then again technically every story is dystopia unless the world is perfect lol (which would be a UTOPIA)
        having dystopia as a genre is so stupid to me tbh
        And that plot twist… is obvious as fuck. even in today’s society, HUMANS ARE RUINING THE EARTH. it’s like they copied real life!!


      • Because The Hunger Games did it. And then Divergent did it. People want to copy the trends. That’s why we have so many Twilight knockoffs, too…
        Yeah, the book makes it pretty obvious things aren’t good. And really, when there are FISSURES all over the place and the world is Generic YA Dystopia Land, IT’S CLEARLY PRETTY SCREWED. -_-
        It is! Only they added in a bunch of things that would never actually happen in real life!

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    • Yeah, it’s a mix of boredom and not knowing WTF is going on. And it only gets even worse as you get further in.
      Have fun! 🙂 And if you figure out what it is that makes people like this drivel, please tell me. I have NO idea what it could be.


    • Believe me, my summary is about as vague as the real thing. It just doesn’t go on for quite as long. (Though I did end up having a lot to say…)
      I read a lot, and most of what I read is YA, so I end up finding a LOT of garbage. The one I probably remember best is a book called Teardrop, which involved a girl who got into a lot of car crashes while being emo. There’s an entire topic about us discussing bad books on BRD if you want to look at that…

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      • Also about YA novels in general these days, are just very… cliche (well at least to me).
        Like, they are always typical dystopian/fantasy/romance/angst novels, that have same drive and overall same ending. It’s really hard for me to find a good YA novel or series that is somehwhat unique because of this. I guess that is why it is YA, but still, I like a bit of originality. Or I’m just a picky reader… 😛


      • Yes. Yes, they are. There are a LOT of dystopian novels that are the exact same. And the worst part is nobody ever really talks about how stupid they all are. I’ve seen so many complaints about YA paranormal romance, but the stuff I’ve read like that hasn’t been on the level of shit that dystopian YA so often is.
        You’re not a picky reader, though. A lot of people think YA in general sucks. (Though, again, they seem pretty hung up on the paranormal romance side…) You could try middle-grade fiction or “new adult” books, but the latter might seem a bit daunting at first. You could also just start going mostly for manga like I do… And if you really want to find something good in YA, I’d have to recommend Rainbow Rowell’s stuff. ESPECIALLY Eleanor and Park. 🙂

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  3. You’re not the only one. I can think of so many… Captive Prince and Vampire Academy immediately spring to mind.

    It seems like this is just another bit of wood added to the bonfire that is YA dystopia. I hadn’t even heard of this book before reading this post, and I sure as hell won’t be picking it up anytime soon if it’s anything like you described.

    YA isn’t even really a genre, it’s a demographic, and tons of authors are making money of it by writing the kind of shit you’re complaining about. Paranormal romance and dystopia seem to be popular these days, milked to the point where you’re just wasting your money now.

    It’s tiresome, to say the least. When you’ve got books like Lauren Kate’s Fallen and Allie Condie’s Matched become best-sellers, you want to bang your head against a wall.

    There are still a few gems, though. Like you said, Rainbow Rowell’s books are great. I loved Eleanor and Park (though it almost made me cry), and Fangirl was absolutely brilliant (and made my yaoi senses tingle like crazy). Holly Black’s White Cat was awesome, too (I still refuse to acknowledge the existence of the second and third books, though).


    • Never heard of Captive Prince, but I did suffer through the first couple of Vampire Academy books… The summary for the first one was SO PROMISING, but it ended up being some girl wanting to sleep with her teacher. And then doing so. -_-
      I remember someone on another site I go on saying that people write YA because there are no standards. 😆
      Eww, Lauren Kate. She wrote Teardrop. That book was…hilaribad. Matched might’ve been decent had the last few chapters not been in there and the cliché bad boy cut out entirely…but then again, that’s taking out pretty much the entire plot.
      Have you read Carry On yet? It’s another Rainbow Rowell book. I preferred it to Fangirl, but Eleanor and Park is still my favorite. ;D I haven’t heard of White Cat, but I guess I’ll have to check out Holly Black’s stuff in general someday, considering both you and Casey (I think?) have recommended it to me now… 😛

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      • Captive Prince is a book about a prince being captured and held as a sex slave for another prince. It’s praised to heaven and beyond for having supposedly raised the bar for stories about boys being held as sex slaves for one another, but it’s on the same level as the stories it preaches against.

        I’ve read the first book of VA, and I began it expecting it would have what my friend and countless reviews had assured me it would – a tough heroine able to kick ass and still be likeable. But Rosemarie Hathaway is a complete bitch and, as you said, became just some girl wanting to sleep with her teacher.

        That’s because there aren’t, not really – like I said, YA is a demographic, not a genre, so you just have to make sure teenagers and young adults can read it without much trouble.

        I mostly hate Lauren Kate for her shitty Fallen series, which promotes the stalking of boys who flip you off and kill you over and over again because they can’t keep their slobbery lips to themselves. And the heroine of Matched is just a cheating bitch; I felt so bad for Xander.

        Not yet, but I’ve heard of it and seen it in the bookshop in town. I’ll pick it up, maybe. I love its premise – being Cath’s fanfiction of a Harry Potter expy, lmao. Though nothing will ever top Eleanor and Park ;D

        Holly Black is kind of… hit and miss. Tithe was mediocre and her collaboration with Cassandra Clare was… okay, but White Cat is amazing.


      • Oh, good grief. -_- That sounds stupid.
        Yeah, and since a lot of teenagers and young adults buy these books, people feel like they can just copy other books and make massive profits. Go them. 🙄
        Oh, I’ve read about Fallen. I just haven’t actually read it. I do remember hearing about the flipping-off bit and thinking that was really stupid. And yes, I felt bad for him, too. Really, she should’ve just gone with him. Then we wouldn’t have as much of the clichéd garbage. -_-
        Oh, it’s not Cath’s. The author’s note makes that clear. So it does end up being kind of different compared to what happens in Fangirl… I think? IDK, I haven’t read Fangirl in a while. And no, nothing will top Eleanor and Park. I can still remember the day I first read that… It was a good day. ;u;
        Oh, she is? I remember people hating some book she wrote about fairies for some reason. o_O No idea why…


      • It’s unfortunately because of readers, ignorant in their neverending quest to find a good book to read, that we get people like Jennifer L. Armentrout making tons of money by coughing out another shitty book with the same formula as the previous one every few year or so.

        It’s actually worse than that – the only character worth anything, Cam, is just used as Daniel’s rival for Luce in a shitty, unnecessary love triangle ;_;

        So it’s not Cath’s? Then it’ll be a different experience reading it as a whole and by itself than in fragments and alongside Cath’s narrative in Fangirl. I’m kinda excited now c:

        That’s Tithe – I think the problem most people had with this book was the protagonist – a Super Speshul Tough Girl – and the underdeveloped cast of side characters. There’s also the fact that some parts were painful to read – like when Kaye (the protagonist) asks the boy “bound” to her to kiss her ass, and he actually does because, as I said, they’re “bound” together.


      • I read her Lux series. It was…okay. I realize there was stalkery crap going on in there, but I’ve seen enough that’s been worse not to complain too much about it. No idea about her new stuff, though.
        Ooh, yay, unnecessary love triangles! Because those NEVER get old. Like… Why can’t we get more books with actual interesting protagonists who have nice, caring love interests? You know, the kinds of people you would want to date in real life, not the kinds of people you’d need to get a restraining order for. -_-
        No, it’s not hers. Some parts are similar, but it gets kind of different. I haven’t read Fangirl in a while (like I said) and I don’t want to spoil Carry On for you, so I’m not sure how much else I should say. 😛
        Sounds fun! NOT. Seriously, though, that sounds like some bad semi-porny fanfic. Bleh.
        Also, I forgot to mention this book before, but you should also check out The Rest of Us Just Live Here. It’s pretty meta and subverts quite a few YA clichés. It also made me cry a bit at parts. 😆


      • She actually started a series scarily similar to Vampire Academy – to the point where she was heavily criticised by fans for it.

        That, my friend, is why I strive to write characters exactly as you describe – for the fresh entertainment!

        The Rest of Us Just Live Here? The title sounds interesting. Meta? Subverts YA cliches? Wao, sign me up! Thanks mayne ;D


      • Oh, good grief. -_-
        Well, I was thinking of fluffier characters and you tend to write…um…darker stories than that, but true, true. 😆 Hopefully none of my characters are YA-level stupid, too.
        Yup! It’s about people living out their daily lives while a typical YA novel plot happens in their town. Because things like that happen to them every few years or so, they just try to shrug it off. It’s definitely very refreshing after sitting through 32949023840 versions of the type of story it’s making fun of…


      • I knew what you meant, lmao – I meant that I’ve recently been writing a lot more “fluffy” stuff, though I haven’t posted any of it yet.

        And it’s by Patrick Ness – I’ve not read much of his stuff, but what little I have is pretty solid. I’ll pick it up if I can find it c:


      • Ooh, you have? Can’t wait to see it! Not that your darker stuff is bad or anything, but it’ll be interesting to see you writing fluffy goodness. ;D
        Yeah, I thought I’d read more of his stuff, but it turns out I haven’t. I’ve just seen it around a lot. 😛 Good luck trying to find it!


      • Fluffy goodness is like cake for me – tasty af but too much makes me queasy, which is why I shy away from it. But Halloween and Christmas are just around the corner, so why not?


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  6. Please return to writing book rants. I jsut found out you made a spereate page for these posts too. I CANT STOP LAUGHING NOW AHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHH


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