What did I do, you ask? Well, I officially completed one of my major goals in Market Crashers. 😀 As for the details, I’ll let the pictures tell the story…

(For your sake, I’ll cut out the part where I spent something like ten minutes waiting for my phone to send these to me, because the internet here is so bad on non-computer things. My computer is awesome, though, so it can stay connected to ANYTHING. No, seriously.)


You guys have NO IDEA how badly I wanted that. NO IDEA. (Well, Katie does, but still.) Getting that figure has been my MC goal ever since I saw this video:

So I’m really, REALLY happy I finally managed to get it. I think I must’ve shaken my 3DS at LEAST fifty times just for this. If you have ever doubted how much I love StreetPass, this is your proof.

Also, to the people who may end up reading this because they’re like me and like to search up various SP-related things, I can post pictures of the other showroom items/their NA descriptions if you’d like. I’m aiming to complete all the showrooms eventually, so…

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