Obligatory Update Post

So, uh, yeah. I don’t go on Fantage all that often anymore. Maybe something like once or twice a month.

The thing is, I personally don’t like making these big “I’M QUITTING OMG GOODBYE FOREVER EVERYONEEEEEE” posts, because there’s always a chance I’ll come back to something, and I’m not quitting WP, I’m just…updating you on my current lack of interest in Fantage. Also, quitting posts are a bit too melodramatic for me.

I’ve considered turning this blog into a personal blog multiple times, but I kind of want to keep it about Fantage and FTWP, plus I like the pun in the URL. ;u;

If you want to talk to me, I’m on BRD and Line Play. I check both at least once per day. I’d be more than happy to answer PMs, talk on the chatbox, or exchange some hearts. Again, I’m not quitting WP, but you can’t really comment on posts that I’m not making, so.

Finally, no, I don’t know where the hell my sidebar went. -_- EDIT: Never mind, I do. It’s at the bottom of my blog for some reason. I think some post or other must’ve screwed it up. Sighhhhh.


2 thoughts on “Obligatory Update Post

    • Exactly. And I’m not even quitting anything. I just don’t play Fantage a lot at all. There were times when BV was open when I didn’t go on as often, too. (Though to be fair, once I became friends with Katie and Heather, I usually went on daily just to check on things unless I couldn’t use my computer…)

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