Blog Name Inspiration Tag or Some Crap

Uh, I think Nunnally tagged me in this? 😛

My blog name is a pun on “fantabulous”. I wanted something unique, so basically not “Fantage [insert something here]”. This is also why I didn’t join FTWP in February/March.

My username on Fantage is xmarinarainyx because it wouldn’t let me use the username I wanted (creamycarbines) and I just went with what was my IG name at the time. I got the name in general because someone on BV used to call me “Marina Rainy ROFL Rainbow” (three of those were names I went by on there and the fourth was because I said “ROFL” literally all the time).

Marina isn’t my real name. I got it because Katie saw it was what I went by in Mario Kart 7 and started calling me that.

Uh… I choose to torture Katie and Casey with this. If you want to know how to do the tag properly, go find other people’s posts because I’m too lazy to link them.

I need sleep…

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