53 thoughts on “So, uh…

  1. You are an amazing blogger, whom we all love and cherish! You’re so positive, and super supportive, like many of us are and need! ;D Hmm… when I first saw your posts, I thought, “I really wanna meet this person!” I actually first came across your name when Anna made a post about Fantage Marianna. Luv ya, girl! ❤


  2. I have already told you what I thought of you at first glance and now, but I guess I’ll say it again.
    When we first met, I thought you were someone popular because of your outfits. I mean, you clearly had more gold than me (ahaha.) I was shocked at your low level, though. I thought you weren’t really special, just a generic blogger with a rich inventory.
    After we actually talked in xat, I thought you were pretty generous for actually staying with me the whole time. It was nice talking to someone with similar interests too, since we liked animal crossing and tomodachi life.
    It was also sweet for you to want to know what’s wrong with my problems before school started for me. :>
    If you want a final judgement now, I’d have to say that you’re nice to your friends. To people you dislike, you definitely talk back on them (BUT THAT LEGITIMATELY APPLIES TO EVERYONE.) You are definitely a good listener, however I feel like you’re pretty reserved. Unlike Casey, you don’t really shove/talk about your interests an fangirl often. You also don’t like revealing things, which I respect.
    So yeah, that’s how I feel about you. You’re one of my best blogging friends, for sure.

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  3. Well honestly I didn’t like that you were added to fr, (I had you confused with someone else) then I actually read your post. I’ve loved your posts ever since. You know how to explain things, and you can prove a point easily. Not many people have that talent.


  4. Uh… Don’t get offended being totally honest here.
    At first I thought you were a really mature person, and maybe just a little bit aloof and distant. That’s why I didn’t approach you at first. After we talked a little, though, I realized you were actually quite nice and had a sense of humor which is what I look for in my friends. I still sometimes find you intimidating. 😛
    I really respect you, and I think you’re a good person.

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  5. I don’t really talk to you much but at first I thought you were that type of person who just stays in a little group of friends but I found out you were nicer then that and able to speak your mind, and I mean that in a good way 🙂
    I hope we can be better or somewhat friends in the future 🙂


  6. I’m not sure if you’re still taking feedback, so I apologize if this is unwanted.
    You probably don’t know me (we seem to hang out in different circles).
    But you’ve commented on my posts a couple times and others’ posts, and to be really honest…
    I was scared of you. I thought you were narrow-minded and judgmental. You seemed to shut down my ideas a lot. Maybe you just don’t open up that easily?
    Anyway, this is just a point of view of an outsider, a point of view from someone you’re not friends with.
    Again, super sorry if this is unwanted, but I know when I ask questions I want answers. I hope this was helpful!


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