The Blogger Interview Tag

Both Anna and Sally nominated me for this, and I need something to keep me raging because of what WP is doing to the pages (well, it fixed while I was writing this update, but blogs either displayed every single page they had or no pages at all). Here goes…


  • Mention the person who tagged you.
  • Answer the questions in full.
  • Don’t forget to tag up to ten other bloggers at the end.


How did you get into blogging?
I don’t know, really… I just saw other Bearville bloggers back in January 2014 and thought I’d give it a try. As for Fantage blogging, I think we all know this, but I moved to Fantage when everyone found out BV was closing. I wanted to keep blogging about something, so here I am. 😛

What advice would you give to a blogger just starting out?

  • Never copy what other people do with their blogs. Be original with your general appearance, theme, and posts.
  • Spamming is annoying and will make people unfollow you.
  • Don’t make your goal being popular. If you do become popular, don’t let it get to your head.
  • If you like someone’s blog posts, talk to them! That’s how Anna and I became friends. 😉

What would be your dream campaign?
What does that even mean?

Do you have a plan for your blog?
Other than keeping posts related to Fantage and FTWP, not really. If you want to know more about my life or obsessions, talk to me on BRD. I don’t like pointless spam very much, so I won’t do that to other people.

What do you think about rankings?
I have no idea what those are, so I can’t answer that… Do you mean like ratings? Eh, they’re okay, but it’d be nice to see someone other than the same five bloggers get the top spots.



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