Casey and I have stayed up all night watching the MMAs (some kpop thing)… Though if we’d known how long this would’ve taken, I personally might’ve gone to sleep a few hours ago.

There was just some Inside Out ripoff thing that lasted for what seemed like hours, because apparently there’s going to be a Korean live action version of Inside Out. With girls. Though not the girls in weird cheap costumes jumping around.

There’s also been a 16-minute commercial break, several instances of BigBang members who are not Daesung showing up, a girl whose jacket may or may not have been encouraging people to get off to her performance, and…a lot of people neither of us know. Though everything I know about kpop pretty much comes from Casey, so I have no idea how I’d know someone she doesn’t.

16 thoughts on “Bleh…

  1. THEY KEEP CUTTING DAESUNG OUT I WILL FREAKING CUT THEM, PISS ON THEM, AND POUR SALT IN THEIR EYES!!!! Also thank you for watching with me c: and playing “Let’s spot Daesung”. I love you you’re a true friend

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