I have MyMall permission again!

Does anyone want to buy anything from me? I’m considering selling Kittsay/Kitty1929’s RED hair if anyone is interested in that, but I have other stuff, too. My kiosk is 1C-4 if you’d like to look around (though you won’t find anything except Fantage Comet items unless you ask)! 🙂

10 thoughts on “I have MyMall permission again!

      • That is true. =_= You’re so lucky, taking online school….
        In all honesty, I wish I took it but it’s pretty flawed. It’d make life easier, but I’d also lack social skills.
        But I hate being around people. Heck, sometimes I hate being around my so called “friends.” I just wished I was in the same school as my elementary school friends, they were way more nicer and polite.


      • Well, I’m sure the online school for your area would be better than mine. Mostly because that’s really not a hard thing to accomplish. -_-
        We used to have events where you could meet everyone IRL, so there’s that? They stopped doing those, though. :/
        Ugh, that sucks… I wish I still kept in touch with some of my elementary school friends, too. I think they did move on pretty quickly, though. 🙄

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