I met someone…

No, no, I know what you’re thinking. I did not get a whun. The person I did meet, though…

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 11.13.21 AM

Hey, I think I’ve seen that outfit somewhere–

Yes, I know they don’t look exactly alike, but still. 😛

I told the girl she looked a lot like one of my friends, and we ended up adding each other. I tried to tell her to look up FantageRop because she seemed a little confused about who Anna was, but I think I just confused her even more. Oh, well… 😆

Earlier, there was also this:

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 11.04.04 AM

Which led to a bunch of people going “SAY YES” and “SAY NO” to that poor guy. I personally just told him to run away. (And accepted his friend request, too.)

Maybe I should go on popular servers more…

19 thoughts on “I met someone…

  1. Wow Sapphire looks just like me LOL! I thought it was me for a second. Too bad her outfit doesn’t look as majestic as me. 😉 Interesting, because no one wears the dress and the hair. Ever. (I always try to be different.)
    How was she even more confused? 😮

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    • She looked so much like you that I thought it was you on another account, too! 😮 I don’t even know. I said “look up FantageRop” and “gjjgle FantageRop” and she kept saying “I DON’T SEE” and I really had no idea what she even meant. 😛

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      • Nah, I dress differently on all of my accounts. I only have six, thesuperanna01, AnnaArso, theblueyoshi01, happypickles6, yangire, and SuperiorSeth. So there you go for future reference! I only go on for the daily attendance :))

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      • In response to you following my personal blog: Thanks! I thought you knew it existed (maybe you did) but it’s just that you didn’t want to follow me because it’s not Fantage related at all, and I know you hate those random life posts. (Because trust me, I do too if it’s on a Fantage blog!)


      • I actually thought you never posted on it… I would’ve followed it way before now if I’d known! 😛 (I think I got you confused with Danika or someone else who has a personal blog and never posts on it…)


      • I didn’t start posting often until I came back from hiatus, haha. It’s possible that you could have, well at least you can see me post about non fantage related things. :^)


      • Yeah, this is really interesting. Also, after reading your school posts, I’m convinced that our schools (well, my current one and your old one, I think?) are trying to compete in the sport of being the least educational schools in the country, maybe even the continent. 😛

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      • Well, now I’m going to some snobby “rich” (aka rich for a free school) catholic school, where school is really hard… =_=
        But my friends who are going to a school that I’m supposed to go to, are having the time of their lies! No homework, barely any tests or quizzes, etc! So far I’m having one every three days….


      • Wow, an actual challenging school in Canada. 😮 Actually, I think I did something similar when I was little, where I went to a French school so I’d be more challenged. Really, it wasn’t that hard at all, so I can only imagine what it would’ve been like had I gone to an English school. -___-
        Well, that’s really nice for them… 😆 I can’t speak for homework, but we do have to do a bunch of quizzes and stuff throughout the year… :/


      • Do you by chance speak fluent French? I’m kinda in need of a French tutor, haha. My parents are against putting your kids in an all French school because even though you learn French, university and college will be hard for you since it’s all in English (and in an all French school, you do every single thing in French.) Unless you live in Quebec, then you’re perfectly fine.


      • Yeah, I do! (You learn English starting in grade 4, by the way, so it’s not all French all the time.) Feel free to ask me for French help if you need it! There’s also a site you can use for grammar help, BonPatron (look it up if you’re curious). 🙂


      • We should really talk often then, because I really want to practice my french writing/speaking skills. Which Xat do you usually hang out at in random parts of the day that we can use to talk to each other when we’re both online? :O
        BonPatron seems incredibly helpful, so thanks for that! Definitely bookmarking it on my web browser.


    • The theme is Pachyderm! (Which you can see if you scroll down a bit.)
      I’d appreciate it if you didn’t copy everything on my blog because sometimes people do that, but I can’t stop you from using a free theme, so go ahead! 🙂 Be sure to tell me what your blog is when you make it, too. 😉


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