Fashion on a Budget Challenge

So I decided to take Anna‘s fashion challenge. The rules are here. Now, she said you could only wear items that’re currently in stores (except for MyMall and the PM Boutique), but she never said anything about items in the store on Fantage Comet… 😈 So here’s what I came up with:

Outfit 1
Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 3.42.36 PM
Fun fact: I took this picture in the LeShop menu because reasons, waited just a second too long, and ended up with a pic of my Fantagian facepalming. I thought it was too good to redo, so here ya go.
Hair: Retro White – 350 Stars
Outfit: Stylish Ensemble – 900 Stars
Shoes: Summer Shoes – 50 Stars
Board: Black ‘n’ White Board – 500 Stars
Body Accessory: Blue Armband – 700 eCoins
Hair Accessory: Checkered Clip – 100 eCoins
Total: 2600 Stars/eCoins

“But, Marina, you’re cheating by using Fantage Comet stuff!” said a whiny member of the audience.

Fine. Here’s another outfit. 😛

Outfit 2
Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 3.55.12 PM
Hair: Brown Dreams – 100 Stars
Top: Blah Face Tee – 500 Stars
Bottoms: Dandy Denim – 500 Stars
Shoes: Summer Shoes – 50 Stars
Board: B-B-Blue Board – 300 Stars
Face Accessory: Dark Blue Shades – 800 eCoins
Hair Accessory: Blue Polka-Dot Hair Bow – 200 eCoins
Total: 2450 Stars/eCoins

And there you have it. There’re other outfits I could make that spend a little more on some components than others, but I don’t have 2200 eCoins right now and I’m not going to watch ads just to buy a dress I won’t even wear. 😛

Which outfit is your favorite? Be sure to leave a comment below! And if you want to take the challenge for yourself, again, you can read the rules here!

8 thoughts on “Fashion on a Budget Challenge

  1. Actually, I completely forgot about Fantage comet, but if I would have wrote the rules again I would have allowed it, since technically it’s not a retired item and Fantage Comet is a store! Love the first outfit, by the way! Thanks for doing it!


    • Thanks! Yeah, I prefer the second outfit, though it’s mostly because of those sunglasses and that hair. I’d probably wear the sunglasses more often (I owned them before this post) if I didn’t already have glasses I wore all the time and my “signature” hair looked better with them. 😛

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