So Fantagious

So Fantagious is a blog run by _ohmykaito, who also happens to be one of my best friends. LET’S SEE HOW THIS TURNS OUT, SHALL WE.

Appearance: The theme So Fantagious has at the time of this writing is Penscratch. I’ve already covered my feelings about Penscratch, so I won’t be talking about that theme again. However, on So Fantagious, the width of the blog is different due to the fact there are no widgets. This means that I can actually see the background (I can’t on most blogs with Penscratch). Honestly, I like this theme a lot more when I can see a background and it’s not just white space, but the background So Fantagious has…isn’t seamless. I’m someone who really really really cares about seamless and non-watermarked backgrounds (all my blogs have them, and so does BRD, which I do most of the graphics for), so I’d consider a blog without a seamless background to be a small detractor from how well I’d think a blog looks. The background and header also don’t go together as well as they could, in my opinion; I’d consider getting another background. That being said, I think the colors of the background and header on So Fantagious both fit the blog’s atmosphere very well – much better than a bright or pastel background ever would. I’d give the appearance of So Fantagious a 7/10.
Posts: So Fantagious is a Fantage blog that can’t post about Fantage. No, this isn’t because the owner is too lazy to or just isn’t into Fantage anymore, this is because she literally can’t get onto Fantage. The Fantage posts that are on this blog are generally less about updates to the site and more about the people who go on the site. They’re also from the perspective of a more mature author. Lately, though, So Fantagious has begun to move away from Fantage for reasons stated above. Now, K-POP posts abound, which they probably will until Casey can get back on Fantage again. I’d give the posts of So Fantagious an 8/10.
Pages and Widgets: There are only two extra pages on So Fantagious, and both of them are about the owner herself. They aren’t redundant, and they’re both important, but I can’t help but feel like this blog would benefit from one or two Fantage-related pages. As for widgets, there are none, and it works with this blog. 😛 I’d give the pages and widgets of So Fantagious a 7.5/10.
Originality: The theme feels different, the posts feel different, and reading this blog just seems like a completely different experience from reading most FTWP blogs. I’d give So Fantagious a 9/10 for originality.
Overall Score: So Fantagious has a few minor issues, but overall they don’t affect the reading experience at all. Nope. Not one bit. Overall, I’d give So Fantagious a 1000000000/10!!!!!!

Bias? What bias? 🙂

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