Throwing this out there

*likes and reblogs this*

Oh, yeah, I’m doing your rating now. 😛


I’ve been seeing a lot of posts that are like, “Like this and like that and I’ll post a picture of myself” and similar ones including reblogging.

I’m going to go on a little rant about this:

Why assume that this is the best way to post a picture of yourself, first of all? Are you actually just trying to get your blog out there instead? Because there are better ways than offering up an image of yourself that will forever be on the internet. How do your followers even know if that’s you or not anyway?

Also, shouldn’t it be your choice? Meaning: you should decide for yourself whether or not you want a picture of yourself up for everyone to see. That decision shouldn’t be left to the masses. It’s a personal decision. I have a friend who I’ve never seen a picture of and I don’t need…

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