Mystery Princess?

So it’s pretty clear that Cinderella and Odette are the two princesses to the right in this image:
Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 9.48.06 AM

The thing I wasn’t able to figure out, though, is who the first princess is supposed to be. I’ve heard a lot of people say it’s supposed to be Belle, but I don’t really think so. Her items’ descriptions make no reference to Beauty and the Beast, and the outfit doesn’t even look like Belle’s, whereas Cinderella’s (and most other outfits Fantage has that “draw inspiration” from other sources) flat-out says whose dress it is in the description. 😛

Yeah, the hair is brown and the dress is yellow, but Belle doesn’t wear a crown like that, her hairstyle is pretty different, and there’s no blue in her dress.

But then Casey, Katie, and I were talking about this on BRD, and this happened…

[20:28:40] @ Iris : “What’s better than glass or birds? Gold.”
[20:28:47] @ Iris : wait…
[20:29:09] @ IncleVIP Dae’s Girl : OMG
[20:29:13] @ IncleVIP Dae’s Girl : I GE TITITS A PUN
[20:29:16] @ IncleVIP Dae’s Girl : I GTOTALLY GET IT
[20:29:21] @ IncleVIP Dae’s Girl : GLASS CINDERELLA
[20:29:26] @ IncleVIP Dae’s Girl : SWAN PRICNESS BIRDS
[20:29:30] @ Coraline : OH
[20:29:31] @ Coraline : 😛
[20:29:31] @ IncleVIP Dae’s Girl : GOLD BELLE AND BUY GOLD
[20:29:32] @ IncleVIP Dae’s Girl : OMGGGGGGGGGGG

So what we think is that Fantage is trying to hint that you should buy Gold and spend it on these outfits. It makes a scary amount of sense, too… The mystery princess’ theme seems to be gold, her outfit is Gold-exclusive, and this entire event is basically a pretty obvious ploy to make people spend Gold. But what are YOUR thoughts?

Also, for everyone who wanted a blog rating, I’ll try to see about doing one more tonight, but I can’t guarantee anything. I have a test tomorrow that I’ve needed to study for, and rating blogs doesn’t just take a few seconds. I’ll probably be able to finish rating everyone’s blogs by tomorrow night, but please be patient. Thanks for your understanding! 🙂

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