So technically I’m supposed to do this…

Yes, this is ANOTHER post where technically I got tagged so I’m answering questions. 😛

Would you rather get a full bag of candy everyday or get a full bag of chocolate everyday?
It depends on the candy/chocolate.

Would you rather have 100,000 gold and no stars and ecoins or have 50,000 stars and 50,000 ecoins and no gold?
Are you serious? 100,000 Gold. I can get Stars from the daily prizes and Lucky Bob’s, and I can get eCoins from the daily prizes, LuckyBot, and ads.

Would you rather have your face stuck to your favorite electronic device for the rest of your life (and be able to use it) or have no device at all?
Uh… I really don’t know. This is a weird question. 😆

Would you rather work on 10 blogs and almost never post on each or own one blog and post way too much on it?
This is just for Fantage and FTWP, right? 😛 If that’s the case, I’d rather own one blog.

Would you rather sleep for the rest of your life or eat for the rest of your life?
Hmm… Probably sleeping. Though both of these are really, really unhealthy.

Tagging anyone with a WP name with a T in it, because I honestly have no idea who’s done this already and I don’t want to name names only to find out that everyone already answered these. 😛

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