Hibiscus Panda

Hibiscus Panda is a blog I honestly hadn’t heard of until today that is mostly about the lives of bloggers hibiscuspanda/pandaflower11 and (formerly) Taryntwinkle. As Hibiscus Panda is not entirely a Fantage blog, I won’t be reviewing it in the context of it being a Fantage blog, but instead as a daily life blog.

Appearance: The theme Hibiscus Panda has at the time of this writing is Writr. Now, I haven’t seen many FTWP-related blogs with this theme, besides Fantage Clover, but that’s not what this category is for. What I will say about the theme here is that it emphasizes the actual blog posts by having them start right at the top instead of burying them under a mountain of blog pages and big headers, which is always a plus. Looking at the posts, it seems like Hibiscus Panda is trying to evoke a relaxing “tropical” (as in warmer countries, not just Hawaii, says the girl desperately trying to cover up the fact she doesn’t speak Tagalog) theme. The hibiscus emoji and the “Mahal Kita!” at the end of each post help contribute to that…but the purple and grayish-black in the background just don’t. I don’t know if Writr lets you choose a custom background for your blog, but if it doesn’t, I’d change the purple to yellow (because I know you can do that) to go with the center of the hibiscus emoji (the grayish-black color at least matches with the panda). I really like how the pink in the header image matches the pink in the hibiscus blooms, though – it helps to maintain a unifying theme. I’d give the appearance of Hibiscus Panda an 8/10.
Posts: Like I said above, the posts on Hibiscus Panda start right at the top of the page, so you’re able to start reading right away without being distracted by other stuff. Posts aren’t giant walls of text, but they’re not too short, either, which is good. There are some longer posts that I feel could use a couple of paragraph breaks, though. Any grammatical mistakes don’t seem deliberate (but here’s a tip: you should put a space between a comma and the next word ;)). The blog’s authors seem pretty friendly, and they post about a variety of different topics. I also really like the quotes that pandaflower11 posted as part of the Three Day Quote Challenge, and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of those. I’d give the posts of Hibiscus Panda a 9/10.
Pages and Widgets: I like how this blog doesn’t have pages upon pages of useless information, but I do find the “About Us” page a little redundant. I clicked on it expecting information about the blog itself, but I got information about the blog’s workers…which was already on different pages to begin with. 😛 I’d maybe change the “About Us” page to be more about the blog, its purpose, and its history than just information from other pages. I like the idea of the Bloomer Hall of Fame – it’s a great way to give followers some praise and introduce people to other Fantage bloggers. 🙂 As for the widgets, they really didn’t stand out very much to me, and I don’t feel as if they could really be changed. I’d give the pages and widgets of Hibiscus Panda an 8.5/10.
Originality: This blog is pretty memorable to me. As I said before, the Writr theme is pretty uncommon, as is a daily life blog run by FTWP bloggers that doesn’t post about anime in some way. I have nothing against anime, but I do like seeing a variety of topics on blogs. 😛 I’d say I’m going to remember Hibiscus Panda for a while, and so I’ll give it a 9/10 for originality!
Overall Score: I liked reading Hibiscus Panda. I know I talked a lot about the things I saw room for improvement in, but those are just minor things. I really liked the quotes chosen for the Three Day Quote Challenge, and I’d love to see more things like that from this blog in the future. Overall, I’d give Hibiscus Panda an 8.5/10.

Mahal Kita right back at you, pandaflower11! 🙂

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