Fantage memepony9

Fantage memepony9 is a Fantage blog run by Memepony9 (whose MyMall kiosk I happened to see today, because I was looking for Black ‘n’ White Shorts, which, sadly, I couldn’t buy).

Appearance: The theme Fantage memepony9 has at the time of this writing is Penscratch. Honestly, I’ve seen this theme way too many times, and I don’t even know why people use it so much. Yes, it’s easy to read posts on blogs with this theme, but it doesn’t allow for very much creativity. Mac users with smaller browser windows (like me) can’t even see the background if there is one, meaning that all of the appearance relies on the header. Unfortunately, the header for Fantage memepony9 is very, very blurry. I know that some people don’t have access to good graphics programs, but even so, they could just ask other users for help. Like I said, though, I do think it’s easy to read posts on blogs using Penscratch, because there’s no clutter. I’d give the appearance of Fantage memepony9 a 6/10.
Posts: Now here’s a rare sight these days: a Fantage blog that posts nearly 100% about Fantage! 😮 There are blog posts for all of the Fantage event updates with very few interruptions. Said blog posts are informative and helpful. It’s also nice to be able to read the opinions of a higher-leveled Fantagian (as in within the top 100 highest-leveled people high). I’d give the posts of Fantage memepony9 a 9/10.
Pages and Widgets: While there are a decent amount of pages on this blog, all of them are Fantage-related and good-quality and not just…there. I especially like the Hall of Fame lists – great for anyone who’ll want to make a record of Fantage celebrity history in the future! I’d give the pages and widgets of Fantage memepony9 a 10/10.
Originality: Even though I’ve seen Penscratch around a lot, I liked how a lot of the pages were different from stuff I’d seen before on other Fantage blogs. 😛 I’d give Fantage memepony9 an 8/10 for originality.
Overall Score: Fantage memepony9 is the kind of Fantage blog I thought I’d be seeing a lot of when I joined FTWP – and the kind of Fantage blog I feel we need more of! The theme initially had me thinking I’d found another Fantage blog that never posted anything about FT, but as soon as I read the posts, I knew I was completely wrong. Overall, I’d give Fantage memepony9 a 9.5/10 – and I’d give everyone a recommendation to follow that blog!

…I’d also give myself something like 1000 Gold so I could buy those Black ‘n’ White Shorts, but hey, the world doesn’t work that way. 😛

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