Blog Ratings

I’ve seen other people do this, so I figured I might as well give it a try. 😛 Just comment your blog’s URL here and I’ll visit. I’ll probably offer a different perspective from other raters because I’m more used to BVWP, which was generally quieter and focused a lot more on BV than FTWP seems to do with FT.

Note: I’m going to try to be completely honest here. If I say I dislike your blog, it’s not meant as an attack on you. All the criticism I offer will be constructive, and if you don’t like my advice, you don’t have to take it or even agree with it. Just don’t get mad at me if I don’t like something about your blog. Again, I’m used to BVWP, which was very different from FTWP.

What I will be rating:
Appearance: Your blog’s theme, background, header, etc.
Posts: The quality of your posts and whether or not they have to do with Fantage (or whatever your blog’s topic is).
Pages and Widgets: The overall quality of your pages and widgets. No, quantity is not quality in my eyes.
Originality: How well your blog stands out from other Fantage blogs in my eyes. Will I remember your blog, or will it blend in with all of the other blogs I’ve seen?
Overall Score: Pretty self-explanatory. What I thought of your blog as a whole.

All scores are out of 10. I’ll also provide comments alongside the scores explaining what I liked or disliked. Please don’t rush me, because I’d like to be thorough with my ratings. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

17 thoughts on “Blog Ratings

    • I’ll try to get your rating done as quickly as possible! That might not be until Tuesday, because I’m going to be VERY busy this weekend, just so you know. 😛


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