The BlackOut Event Is Over!

I’m reblogging instead of commenting because this is going to be very, very long.

I honestly don’t think the Light Up half of the event is over. It could be, but I don’t think so. If you collected any lights over the past week, you would’ve noticed a ton of glitches going on. Clicking on a light wouldn’t always give you the light, or it’d give you a different color light. Then there were times when you couldn’t even get to the Light Up screen and would have to refresh (and possibly pick another server). The team bars were glitchy, too (especially in the beginning), and if you changed accounts, it would display an entirely different team as being in the lead.

And don’t even get me started on the prizes. We all know how over half the stuff was starred and had to be recoined halfway through the event. Also, if you managed to win a prize, you wouldn’t even be able to pick it right away – you’d have to refresh multiple times, change your server, go to the prizes screen through the Light Up screen, and hope it worked. So yeah, really glitchy there, too.

Now, we all know about the DDoS attacks on Fantage that took place right before this event (and made the Carnival event even longer). The Fantage staff has obviously been going through A LOT lately. DDoS attacks are very costly and take time to recover from. I don’t know how many people actually work for Fantage, but going by their Facebook page, they were clearly overwhelmed with the DDoS attacks – so getting their site back online and making sure everything worked would DEFINITELY take precedence over an event.

So what I think is going on right now is that the people at FT are taking advantage of the new stuff to fix all the glitches with the Light Up lights and prizes. They didn’t change the ending date of Light Up, nor did they take away the costumes. I know I could be wrong with this and they could take the costumes away/change the ending date tomorrow, but this is just what I believe is happening. I guess we won’t know for sure until later, though. 😛

And yeah, I agree with you about the prizes, but I’d change it to something like making 50 lights for a prize. It’s not that hard to get to 50, plus it encourages people to spend more time looking for the lights. Or they could’ve had the winning team members pick two prizes and the runner-up team members pick one (and PMs could have picked one more prize than everyone else).

Fantage Bambi

~When i first got on to Fantage at about 3:00 pm, the blackout event was still there, but then now, at 4:50 pm, its gone!

~I got nothing, not one prize. And i made 10 lights for my team. Fantage should make it so that everytime you make a light, you get a prize.


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