Fantage ISN’T Closing!

So I’m sure everyone’s seen this post. Now, I know a ton of people got worked up over it right away, especially after the connection problems that were going on today with FT, but I honestly think it’s a hoax. Let’s take a look at the photo and list the reasons WHY that is:

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 6.52.49 PM

1. This is (supposedly) a post, not an email. Nobody received any information about this except for the ONE person on Instagram who posted this photo. Normally, this kind of information would be emailed to everyone who played Fantage. That’s kind of the reason why they ask for your email in the first place, so they can send you information like this.
2. It says Fantage is closing on July 16, 2015. Most sites that are about to close announce their closing dates months in advance. For example, BarbieGirls let its members know it was closing in Spring 2011 – and the date it closed was on June 1st. Rumors were going around about Bearville closing all the way back in December 2014, and it announced its closing date (of March 31, 2015) on January 20th. Now, this is just in the rumor stage right now. It hasn’t been proven true, not on the official Fantage blog or anywhere else that could be considered reliable. September 2015 might be plausible, but in ten days? No.
3. It also says that Gold, eCoins, and memberships will be refunded. No. That is not how businesses work. Nice try. Also, the post later states that people have 16 days left to go on Fantage, meaning that it was supposedly written on June 30th. Fantage would not refund people’s purchases in the middle of a Gold sale.
4. The continued misspelling of “scheduled” as “schedueled”. Aside from making me think of YGOTAS, it doesn’t seem like something Fantage would do. At all. Yes, they’ve made typos before, but those are clearly just typos. This is clearly someone who doesn’t know how to spell a word.
5. But what’s being scheduled? New releases that are expected past the 16th of July. Which raises the question: if there are things being scheduled past the 16th, meaning more ways for Fantage to make money from people who buy Gold and eCoins to pay for these things, THEN WHY WOULD THEY CLOSE DOWN BEFORE THEY COULD MAKE THIS MONEY? It doesn’t make any sense.
6. Finally, this comment from fantage.brookie points something else out: “that photo shows its in someone’s notepad(whatever that is)and it doesn’t say explorer so it’s most likely not real.People are just creating rumors that are never true.”

Want to see what an actual closing-down message looks like for comparison? Here’s what BV said in an EMAIL to all of its users when it announced it was closing down:

Dear Bearville Guest,

We can hardly believe it, but has been around for 7 years! To make sure we are always the place to go for fun, we recently asked fans like you to tell us what you like best about Bearville.

Based on this Guest feedback and new technology, we are introducing a whole new play spot this spring that will build on the things you love about Bearville, and introduce new and different ways to play.

In preparation for this exciting change, here are some other important dates:
If you have an older animal that you haven’t added to your account yet, you can still do so before 1/31/15. (Our stores are no longer printing key codes on the birth certificates, so new animals cannot be brought to life on
From 1/31/2015 on, existing Guests can continue to play with their current avatar(s) and furry friends.
On 3/31/2015 Bearville will shut down to make room for the new
We thank you for being a loyal Bearville Guest and hope you will continue to play in Bearville until the new spot is ready. We have brought back some rare items to keep the fun going. (Here’s a clue: visit the Zoo!) See what else you can discover!

We are ready to take play to a whole new place and are excited to have you share the journey. Stay tuned! If you have any questions about your account or our new place to play please email

Bear Hugs,
The Bearville Team

Do you notice a difference? Bearville’s closing message is more professional, for starters. It also doesn’t tell people not to buy its own products. In addition, when Bearville said it was closing, it hadn’t introduced any real new content in over a year. Yes, it had very minor updates, and it brought stuff back, but it definitely didn’t have events back-to-back like Fantage did. Because, the thing is, if BV had events going on that weren’t 100% repeated from years before (Wonderland on Fantage doesn’t count because it introduced two new medals, new limited items, and new events), IT WOULDN’T HAVE CLOSED.

TL;DR: Fantage isn’t closing. There are a LOT of reasons that that photo is fake, the biggest of which being that NOBODY who ran a site would announce it was closing right after a sale, with only two weeks’ notice, and then go on to tell people NOT TO BUY THEIR STUFF.


19 thoughts on “Fantage ISN’T Closing!

  1. Yeah, I noticed those typos too. At first I was freaking out, like, ‘Omigod, NO, JUST NO! ALL MY 4 YEARS OF HARD WORK UGHH’ but I came back to my senses and thought it through calmly xD


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