Attack of the Queen!

So Fantage released the next part to the Alice in Wonderland event. It’s a lot like the Easter egg hunt, which I loved doing. 🙂 Here’s an incomplete list of what you’ll have to find. Note that all cards are listed in alphabetical order and my answers are very basic except for if a card is found Downtown or Uptown.

Ancient Artifact Mission: Mission Center
Antique Telephone: Ottoman’s Furniture
A Quill Pen: Orion’s Rare Finds
A Saddle: Lucky Bob’s
Bakery, Jungle, and Cosmos: Q-Blast
Basketball Balls: School (gym)
Basketball Board: Ottoman’s Furniture (NOT THE GYM)
Bestie: Island
Boat Deck: Sea Breeze
Box of Tissues: Comet and Co.
Brick Set: Top Models
Bridge: Castle
Cactus Decoration: Lucky Bob’s
Carrots and Watermelons: School (cafeteria)
Cat and Dog: School (cafeteria)
Cat Tower: Pet Shop
Check Mate: School (2nd floor)
Clean Fantage Sign: School
Coconut Tree: Beach
Cosmic Crest: Enchanted Grotto
Cubes and Laser: Q-Blast
Cymbals: School (music room)
Disco: The Palms
DJ: The Palms
Dolphin Tube: High Tide
Drums: School (music room)
Enchanted Mushrooms: Forest
Enchanted Tree: Forest
Extreme Snowboarding: Mt. Fantage (cabin)
Fancy Golden Chandelier: Chez Fantage
Fantage Legends: Hall of Fame (3rd floor)
Fantage Pros: Hall of Fame (2nd floor)
Fantage Standard Time: Downtown (though it’s by the PM gift sign, not the clock…)
Ferris Wheel: Carnival
50-Story Building: MyMall
Fire Hydrant Next to a Building: Mt. Fantage
Flute: School (music room)
Food Pyramid: School (cafeteria)
Fountain: Pet Town
Fountain in a Building: MyMall
Giant Smiley Balloon: Castle
Golden Statues: Hall of Fame (4th floor)
Hair Dryer: Stellar Salon
Hats: LeShop
Heart on the Floor: LeShop
Hot Springs: Spa
It is Next to the Crossroad: Uptown (Board Shop area)
Lemonade on a Table: The Palms
Lifeguard’s House: Beach (though this was a shelter in the last hunt. Which is it, a shelter or a lifeguard’s house?)
Lodge: Mt. Fantage
Look for Cody: Pet Town
Lotus Board: Board Shop
Lotus in a Pond: Forest
Magician and Gems: Orion’s Rare Finds
Mannequin: PM Boutique
Mark the Shark: Finkelstein’s Lab
Michael Owns This Place: Board Shop
Michelle Owns This Place: LeShop
Mission Center Elevator: Downtown
Mouse: Castle
Newest Building in Fantage: still Club House
Newspapers: Pet Town
O and X: School (gym)
Ox Horn on the Wall: Lucky Bob’s
Pet Ribbons: Pet Academy
Pharaoh: Jester’s Costumes
Piano and Bed: Ottoman’s Furniture
Pineapple Swimming Cap: High Tide
Pirate Panic: Mission Center
PM Monthly Free Gift: Downtown (though it’s on the clock, not the gift sign…)
Poison: Finkelstein’s Lab
Pond: Pet Town
Prize Booth: Carnival
Purple, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red Flags: Uptown (Hall of Fame area)
Purple Teddy Bear: Ottoman’s Furniture
Puzzles: Arcade
Realtor: Castle (inside)
Red Bricks: Mt. Fantage (cabin)
Reporters: Comet and Co.
Rubber Duck: Sea Breeze
Saxophone: School (music room)
School Bell: School (first floor)
School Sign: Downtown (far right)
Scientist: Q-Blast
Scoreboard: School (gym)
Sean the Fashion Expert: Top Models
Shampoo: Stellar Salon
Siren: Uptown (by the Mission Center pole)
Slide: School
Snorkeling Equipment: High Tide
Soda Machine: School (cafeteria)
Sunbed: Island
Sunblock: …exactly where it says to go
The Mad Scientist Mission: Mission Center
The Strange Visitor Mission: Mission Center
Time to Board!: Board Shop
Today’s Topics: Comet and Co.
Towels: Spa
Treasure Box: Carnival
Trendsetters: Hall of Fame
Trumpet: School (music room)
Tulips: Forest
Turtle Underwater: Underwater Tunnel
Windmill: Pet Town

Some of the places are the exact same as the Easter places, but others are different. 😛

You get a medal after finding 40 cards, which levels up for every 40 cards you find after that. You also get prizes for every card you find, just like for the Easter event. These prizes can be Stars, eCoins, or coined gems.


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