Alice copied my outfit?


I saw her in Q-Blast yesterday, and now she’s copying my outfit. -_____-

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 6.06.30 PM

I’m not sure if she’s seen my blog or what, but seriously? Are you really so desperate that you have to copy someone else’s outfit, even when you’re a PM? Get some originality. Jeez…

And before people say it could be a coincidence, I don’t see how that could be possible the DAY after she sees me on FT, ESPECIALLY if she’s seen my blog. I mean, even if she hasn’t seen my blog, she could’ve seen Rop’s blog and seen me talking to him. (Plus he did comment on how Alice and I had the same hair.) I don’t know, but whatever it is, SOME people need to make their own outfits.

My outfit, for reference:

Oh, yeah, I'm an Explorer now. Yay.

Oh, yeah, I’m an Explorer now. Yay.


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