The New Blackstardust

Why do I have a feeling this girl’s just doing this because she actually sucks at Q-Blast? Or because she has no life? Or both? -_-


2 thoughts on “The New Blackstardust

  1. It’s simple, clearly she’s probably abused in real life, and wants to be a bully for a change and just does it online since she’s not tough enough to face anyone in real life. Or she’s a sadist. Or it’s what you’ve said above. Anyways, she clearly needs to be banned from Fantage forever.


    • Yeah, I think a lot of people who have issues IRL take them out on people on the Internet. They also tend to think that stuff on the Internet doesn’t actually hurt people… Which is really stupid, if you ask me. And yes, people like her should be banned from EVERYTHING. 😆

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