Heart Pin Glitch

So at this point I think everyone knows about the glitch with the Mother’s Day heart pin. You know, the one that makes whatever face accessory you’re wearing blink. But did you know that the glitch only works on face accessories that aren’t animated? 😛

I found this out by testing random face accessories in the Photo Booth. The pacifier worked normally…and the animated masks from February 2014…but the ones that weren’t animated did blink! Weird, right?

I’m guessing the reason this happens is because Fantage tested the pin with the pacifier or something, and then made some error in their coding that made all face accessories that aren’t animated blink. 😕

I guess that’s all for now, because I’m not really planning on talking about the LeShop, salon, and board shop updates since everyone else seems to be doing that and they’ve really covered all I have to say. Other than that THE FLOWER CROWN IS ADORABLE.




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