New Rare Items

What do you mean, I’m late to the party? 😛

Anyway, I haven’t gotten any of the new rare items yet (because I don’t have a lot of gems and I don’t think Fantage is rigging the orb* this time around), but I’ve seen them around and tried them on in the photo booth, so I’m DEFINITELY qualified to complain about them. Right?

Here are each of the items. Note that I don’t own anything I’m wearing because I took these pics in the Photo Booth. 😆

the hair and earrings

the hair and earrings

the dress

the dress

the board

the board

the other board

the other board

Yeah, I know, those outfits suck, but oh well. 😛

My thoughts? Well, I really don’t like these items. The hair is shaded really weirdly compared to most Fantage items. Same with the boards. The dress is like that one pink dress from Valentine’s Day that tries to give your character curves but ends up being really, really unflattering. :/ The earrings are okay, probably because they’re so small, but if you don’t wear them with the hair then they don’t look so good.

I think the hair and boards could’ve been a lot nicer if FT had given them a decent outline, but as it is, they just don’t look good enough for me to have any interest in them. 😦

Honestly, Fantage has been really hit-and-miss with its shading and pixeling recently. And sadly, a lot of the time, it seems to miss. :/

*For the last rare items, whenever you would use the orb and there was a chance you’d get one of the items, you were guaranteed to get it. I’m not sure since I wasn’t on Fantage then, but I think it was the same for the January rare items, too. 😛


2 thoughts on “New Rare Items

    • The problem with earrings on Fantage is that a lot of hair doesn’t show your ears, so if you wear the earrings, they look funny on top of your hair like that… :/


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