Fantage Comet: Marina’s Review

So if anyone was wondering, Fantage Comet is still around. (For those who don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, Fantage Comet is an app for the iPhone and iPad that’s basically a suckier version of Fantage with only two areas.) I got it for the exclusive clothing. 😛

Now, when I downloaded the app, I was a little nervous that it might crash, but other than lagging twice, I had absolutely no problems with it. 😆

Overall, it’s pretty cool. 🙂 You can change your clothing and stuff (though it does lag a bit when you open your inventory) and it’ll stay like that on your computer. Animations for most items don’t work, but you can wear all the newest items, even the ones from after June 2014 which is when this app last got updated. The sprites are clear, too, which is nice.

When you enter, you’re in a place called the Junglecade, and you have to tap to move around. Which everyone already knew. Anyway, in the Junglecade, you can play the fashion show game and something called I ❤ School Wordz. I played that, and for some reason, it said I was a Premium Member. What? o_O

(I had to log into Fantage on my computer to figure that out, and no, I am not currently a PM, despite what Fantage Comet seems to think.)

One thing that's kind of important to note is that you have to click on the map button to go anywhere. I tried to get to Clockwork Canyon for like two minutes without success…until I used the map. So if you get to places in Fantage by regular old hoverboarding, you're out of luck here.

Clockwork Canyon has the very small item store, which is still selling the same things as when it opened. The steampunk hair and outfit as well as the Jungle Creature board are PM items, but nothing here is higher than 1000 eCoins/Stars. Pretty refreshing after all the items on Fantage being 2000-3000 eCoins these days. 😆

If you want to go on a shopping spree, be sure to bring more than 3000 Stars with you as almost all the items cost something like 900 Stars each.

The two areas are pretty much deserted, though that could be because I was playing this at night. Clicking on people will show you a mini IDFone at the top of your screen with their title, level, and options to report, ignore, or add them.

Once you've gotten all the items, there's really nothing to do on this app. Still, it's fun to play if you don't have your computer with you and need your Fantage fix. 🙂


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