Fantage Fashions Part 1

I’m going to be starting a new feature, Fantage Fashions. I don’t know if I’ll continue after this, but whatever. 😛

If I write future fashion posts, I’ll probably focus on what items are underrated, or ways you can wear some items (e.g. BB hair) without looking like everyone else. But first, let’s talk about some of the popular looks and why they’re so popular (at least in my opinion).

This is going under a Read More for longevity.

On Bearville (because I must take every opportunity to remind you I used to be a Bearville blogger), there was an outfit most rare people had that everyone wore, though it kind of died out in 2014 when half of the components of said outfit were made much easier to get. It looked like this.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 3.33.50 PM

The picture isn’t of me, but if you somehow remember what you were wearing on BV way back in 2012 and recognize this as yourself, tell me and I’ll credit you.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make here is that Fantage has a couple of outfits that a lot of people (read: girls) wear, just like this one. One is generally worn by newer users while the other is more for Premium Members, people who’ve been playing for a long time, or people who have a lot of gold to burn. Now, I don’t have all the items for either outfit, but I’ll list the “PM” item group here.

Hair: BB Hair, Frisky Hair, or Cool Cat Hair
Top: Peace Out Tee
Bottoms: Black ‘n’ White Shorts (sometimes Red Gym Shorts)
Shoes: Cleopatra’s Sandals
Board: Animated Tire Board (sometimes Hamster Wheel Board or something similar because the tire board is very expensive) or one of the Chalk Boards
Body Accessory: Cupid Accessory (I think it’s called that?), Glowies, Headphones, or Angel Wings
Face Accessory: Bunny Nose, Bubblegum, or Number 1
Head Accessory: Cute Polar Bear Hat, Pink Cat Ears

Note that not everyone you will see in this general outfit will be wearing everything I listed, because that’s just overdoing it.

For reference, I wore all the items from this look that I had. I’m missing a lot of things, but this should give you a general idea of what the outfit looks like (though you probably already know that).

EDIT: Thanks to the Photo Booth, I can show you all (or most) of them on. 😛

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 11.58.00 PM

Now, why do people wear this? The answer seems pretty simple to me. The main colors of almost all the items here are black, white, yellow, and red. Black and white are neutrals that go with everything. Yellow and red, on the other hand, can look really bad together if you pick the wrong shades. However, the items in this outfit generally use yellow and red sparingly (in some variations of this outfit, you can wear it without there being any red at all), and where there is yellow or red, it’s not some gaudy neon color combo that Ronald McDonald would fully endorse.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that it looks good.

But wait! What about the people (read: still girls) who don’t have the gold or gems or eCoins or whatever necessary to wear this outfit? Well, for the Novices and Rookies (and a few Apprentices) out there, there’s an outfit that doesn’t cost a whole lot but that’s still popular. It’s newer than the first look, so not as many people have mentioned it before. Note that this outfit varies a bit more than the first one, so for some of the items, I’ve just chosen to list the ones I think are more popular than others.

Hair: Snazzy Hat or Supermodel Hair
Top: Blue Feather Tank
Bottoms: they just have to be denim pants or shorts. I personally like the Dandy Denim shorts from LeShop, but this isn’t about my opinions, so I’ll shut up.
Shoes: these vary too greatly, but usually sandals
Board: the Angel Carrier is a popular one, but certainly not the only one
Body Accessory: usually none, though I’ve seen the MP3 Player before
Face Accessory: Hip Glasses
Head Accessory: usually none

The main components of this outfit are the Blue Feather Tank and Hip Glasses. As you may have noticed, you can buy almost every single item (the only exception being the Supermodel Hair which is a CCC item) I’ve listed from LeShop, Stellar Salon, or the Board Shop.

I don’t have any real parts of this outfit that define it, so I can’t take a picture of myself wearing it.

Why do people wear this outfit? My theory: it looks very hipsterish in my opinion, and that’s a pretty popular style right now. It’s also another outfit that relies on neutral colors that go with everything, though instead of black, white, yellow, and red, it’s mostly white, blue, and black.

Something that’s pretty interesting to note about the two outfits is that they’re both very summery, with tank tops or short-sleeved tees, shorts, and sandals. So for the winter months, if you wear these, I hope for your sake that you either stay indoors or your board has some sort of heating function I don’t know about. 😛

I guess that’s all for now, so thank you for staying awake long enough to make it through this post. Be sure to comment below if you have any questions or, well, comments, and to stay tuned for future fashion posts! Don’t worry, the next ones will have less talking in them…probably. 😆


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